Monday, 8 September 2008

How To Avoid Huge Ships

A competition to find the strangest book title of the past 30 years ...

... has declared Greek Rural Postmen And Their Cancellation Numbers the oddest.

The competition, run by Britain's Bookseller magazine, has been held annually since 1978.

This year's anniversary edition received thousands of entries from around the world.

In second place was People Who Don't Know They're Dead, while How To Avoid Huge Ships came third.

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Peas be with ewe

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  1. What? I'm dead? Why didn't someone tell me? At least I don't have to vote in this weekend's stupid council elections.
    Or do I?

  2. I've already voted! The joys of Pre-Poll Voting! in other words... I got this bull$#it out of the way. Thank gawd ours wasn't too bad. However, in Orange [a town nearby], there are FORTY candidates! That's ferking madness! o.O

  3. What's so strange about those titles? I expect someone who is a Greek rural postman who got run over by a huge ship and doesn't know he's dead would buy all three.

  4. wwe can't vote people our Council got sacked for bloody corruption with our rates...duh!!!

    A good book title could be
    "The truth" by John Della Bosca and belinda neal