Monday, 8 September 2008


I just realised I'd already Plurked this, but not as a blog. So...

Last night (Sunday night), sitting at home alone on Father's Day... erm... anyways, I set-up the data projector thru my DVD player, and watched "Forrest Gump"* projected 4 meters / 12-feet-wide on my loungeroom wall! I plugged the audio into one of my smaller music amps, and bingo! It was a total cinematic experience, sitting in my own sofa!

I really only wanted to see if I could get it to work that way. Twas too easy. Afterwards I quickly tried to see if I could get a TV signal to work the same way using the projector... and YES!

It's not something I'm going to do very often. No, really!

But, come cricket finals and footy finals... watching it all with nice clear sound and HUGE visuals across my wall will be a real goer, I think! hahahahaaa.

Hey, I used to fiddle with my dads' Hanimex slide projector as a kid all the time. This is just a highly-updated version of all that, surely?

*One of my all-time favourite films. I laughed, I cried (howled, actually!), I felt scared... it's all there. Sure it's pure Hollywood, but Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump. His acting is something to behold. Magnificent!

Check the band webpage now! It actually looks a whole lot better... but obviously a 'work in progress'. I've been receiving some feedback, and I'm modifying things as I go resultingly. So, it's all positive and constructive. Good good good.

Even better is - the whole site is free for us to use!

Julian was the only other one of the guys who was vaguely aware of a Beatles' song called "The Night Before"! I wasn't even thinking of that at all when the random stream-of-consciousness randomness just popped into my head with that phrase, I swears!And no, there's no plan to do that song in our sets! Good golly Miss Molly no! We may write something where that's a line of a lyric, but not a song title, you know? Muwahahaaaa.

Oh yes... we are in the process of getting some really good photos on the band site... they are coming, they are!!!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Great name for the band. "Treat me like you did the night before"... how often has every man wished that?

  2. Sorry I only saw the bit about you sitting alone on Fathers Day. I will go back and re read. But I wanted to wish you a very happy belated Fathers' Day. Been a single parent, know how sad it can be.

    Trish aka Foxymoron.

  3. I Love the movie Forrest Gump!
    continued success on the band Mal!

  4. Your website is wonderful - have put it on favourites so can keep should be so pleased with it.