Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A Paragraph of Fiction

You may be aware that I don't usually participate in memes anymore. However, now and again, I stumble across one on someone elses' blog that tickles my fancy...
Write the beginning of an unusual love story (not a real one). I only want the first paragraph. You can add an illustration or a picture to spice it up if you are really daring.
Let's have a go... completely off the top of my head...
Katia walked forlornly through the freshly fallen snow. Her heavy footprints left a wandering trail, while sullen gusts of chilled wind tried to erase the marks of her emptiness. Echoes of her hollow footsteps passed unheeded by her consciousness. A heartrending sigh broke through her almost-frozen lips, Katia's young tear-streaked face almost totally encased in a heavy woollen hood of her mothers. Pausing quietly, alone in the deserted, darkening street of her tiny rural village, she slowly, deliberately lowered her head. She sobbed softly to herself, a breaking heart unheard to anyone except the gathered angels.

"Why did he have to leave me? Why did he have to die...?"
Peas be with ewe

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  1. sniff sniff -

    geez, Mal. Send me some tissue.

  2. You are good~ now why didn't I think to employ you as my ghost writer! LOl

  3. Geez! Thanks [blush]. Twas just written straight off the bat, you know... I'm actually in a great mood. Sometimes it's just easier to attempt to write atmosphere.

    Me? A ghost writer for you? Oh, I couldn't possibly do that... I'm not scary enough! [rolls eyes and groans] :P

    Mal :)

  4. Hey you should definitely follow this up, there's surely a novel inside you.

  5. That was very good. I'm glad you decided to give it a try!

  6. Must be just me. I was waiting for the punchline.
    And I've only just met you! :)

  7. Gawd orighty what happened next to Katia? Would sound so much less interesting had you called her Doreen or Beryl