Sunday, 7 September 2008

Father's Day

What did you get upto on your Father's Day today? Did you see your dad? If you're a dad, did something different happen during your day?

Mr Boy called up. That was very special. No, seriously.

Julian couldn't make it to today's band rehearsal, as he's caught his wifey's nasty tummy-bug. Poor Julian! Shane couldn't make it either (due to Father's Day, but not a worry), but Matt and I got together to work on some original ideas, songs, melodic and harmonic ideas. It was really positive. Really.

However, I found I was getting more grumpier as the afternoon progressed, and I got a bit "bossy" and more forceful with Matt, when we started going thru some of the old songs from our set. He'd simply forgotten stuff we'd spent weeks working on together, albeit a few months ago. But yeah... I'd just assumed stuff like that would stick in your head once you'd... anyways. I wasn't nasty, but I wasn't as 'encouraging' as I should have been.

Needless to say, I humbly apologised to Matt afterwards! I felt like a right royal prick. I think I was just feeling tired, that's all. Well, that's all I'm willing to admit here, anyways.

I think he nailed it the other night, when we say around having a 'few' [cough] drinks together. It's almost impossible to explain it all in context, without writing a background essay... but... he simply said in passing,

"I'll play anything you want me to."

I cringed, absolutely cringed and almost broke down in tears. I had to walk out of the room. I was so upset with myself. He didn't know what he said meant anything to me.

It's exactly what a highly-frustrated George Harrison said to a bossy Paul McCartney, right before Harrison told them to all ferk-off, and walked-out-on The Beatles (during the "Let It Be/Get Back" sessions!). Harrison felt totally be-littled and unappreciated as the amazing musician and guitarist he was.

I was upset because I've been a bit of a prick towards Matt. Just pushing him a bit harder than I normally would, playing-wise. Not intentionally. I think my expectations for him are so high now, because he has really been delivering the goods musically, mentally, and playing-wise recently. I mean... today, we actually wrote original music together! That was a big step for the both of us, working together like that. Really positive.

So, I ate copious humble pie and apologised.

The funny thing was... he didn't know what the ferk I was talking about! hahahahaaaaaa.

I'll be honest about it... I feel really flat as a result of the way I acted. "This, too, will pass."

The band is know known as "The Night Before" (yes, the other guys really liked it as a name too), and I've been twiddling with a fresh webpage for it as well. The site is still in the 'experimental' stage at the moment.

And now... I need to eat something! Ciao.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Happy Father's Day :)

    So do you play The Night Before in your sets?

  2. Happy Father's Day!!!!! in the states it was back in June.

    Everyone is intitled to a bad day. Matt will understand.

  3. Happy Father's Day. Good name for a band and great Beatles song!

    Don't be too hard on yourself though, we all have rough days!