Friday, 5 September 2008

Political turmoil in NSW?

I'm not a political animal at all, in any respect.*

Seems things have gone arse-up for the NSW Govt just this morning. Ministers sacked, Premier dumped, new Premier announced - all in a matter of a few brief hours!

Sounds like a classic childish temper-tantie by Morris Iemma, who simply couldn't get his way with both the electricity privatization, and then attempting to sack a minister.

What a dickless so-and-so. Glad I didn't vote for him or his party. In fact I voted independent! Party Politics = bull$#it.

"Morris Iemma has resigned as NSW Premier. Mr Iemma faced a caucus revolt this morning and Mr Rees had the numbers to overthrow Mr Iemma. It is understood that there is so much division within the dominant right faction that Mr Iemma appeared to have lost a significant amount of support from once-loyal backers. " (Source)
That's what happens in the world, when I don't put the radio on for one morning!!!

On a more interesting angle, the very first female GG is about to be sworn-in in Canberra. That's a more interesting turn of events, however people may discern what her actual role might be.

*In fact, I feel most NSW politics (and Federal, for that matter) are a waste of juvenile gibberish and petty-ego pandering. Bah, humbug! Then there's the whole "allegedly" 'democratic' disaster-area that is the USA Presidential campaign... that makes me gag... and I'm not even an American!(Thax to Bilbo for the funny pic)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Holy shit! that was quick! Dilemma was such a fuckwit!

  2. I'm with Bilbo and his picture when it comes to our elections this year.


  3. Well I for one was shocked Noddy, SHOCKED at this development. I didn't vote for him either.

  4. Costa and Morrie. Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery (as they say). Costa looked like such a thug and Morrie a dead ringer for Huckleberry Hound. Life imitates art there.

    Its been a good day for NSW politics, (not that I give a toss). Its all so bloody underwhelming and living out here its like we have Nobody as Premier.

  5. I love how things are seen politically in different countries. Apparently your chap Kevin likes your new GG because of her "commitment to the bush".

    This is a big issue in the US election too. Obama thinks McCain is just like the Bush, and McCain is trying to pretend he is not at all committed to the Bush any more.