Tuesday, 26 August 2008


I heard on the radio today that Obama's wife stood up to publicly support his Presidential bed.

Erm... as if she wouldn't? Hellooooooooo...?!?

I mean, what would you expect her to say?
"My @$ of a husband is a cheating, lying, drunkard, Jew-hater who beats his neglected kids, and hasn't filed his income tax for the past seven years. But I assure the American voting public that he would make a *great* future President of the United States..."
This whole USA Presidential election means absolutely nothing to me. But surely... do they think the average American voter is just plain stoopid...? Should I answer that? lol.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hehehehe... presidential bed... heheheheh...

    (yes I'm twelve) :D

  2. Yes, Mal - I've come to decide that the average American voter is just plain stupid. That's why our politicians are the way they are. I am always amazed at the crap that comes out of their mouths.

  3. ha ha *presidential bed* LOL

  4. But of course you are so right, much like our own past election, we are all just so dumb us Jo Public right? LOL

  5. I'm with you on this one. And there is something that feels so wrong about this guy. He's too "perfect" like he's got the look and the perfect young family, and fashoinable coloured just to show the world how far the yanks have come - where did this guy come from. No one had even heard of him pre this debacle. I'm sorry but he gives me the creeps. Its like in Australia when you think you're voting for Labor or the Coalition... "Right wing? Left wing? Same bird"

    They just pretend that the President and the Prime Minister matter - they are just the shoe ponies...

    we all answer to the IMF and the world seems to be perpetually in debt to itself (theM) but no one cares how that came about... nah lets find another freindly face to put on the throne and shel'l be sweet. I give up!

  6. Someone's going to be with the president? ewwww

    And yes, American voters have to be plain stoopid...he's the nominee isn't he? And as for McCain..He's just a sack of fries!