Wednesday, 30 July 2008

SS Edmund Fitzgerald

After writing up about the shipwreck of the American Star the other day, Andrea reminded me of another more tragic wreck, this time in America, also relatively recently.

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald (known as "the Big Fitz") was a freighter (a "laker") that sank with all hands, during a storm upon Lake Superior on 10th November, 1975.

(Photo source)

On-board the Edmund Fitzgerald, rear of the Bridge (front) looking towards the stern (rear), 1974.
(Photo source)

In the end, no-one is totally sure at all exactly what caused or how she sunk that fateful stormy night, without even managing to send out any distress signals, or launch any lifeboats. The best supported theory is that the hatch covers somehow came loose, allowing water to slowly enter the cargo areas, slowly flooding and destabilizing the ship. Three gigantic freak waves basically pushed her under very quickly. Not one of the 29 crew managed to survive at all.

They didn't even find much wreckage... this lifeboat wash washed ashore soon afterwards - empty, but battered.

Model of wreck laying on the bottom of Lake Superior. She's broken in two, the stern (back-half) inverted.

More of there story can also be found here.

Whilst these two photos are not of the Edmund Fitzgerald, they are of a very similar ship in similar conditions that sunk her - astounding!
(Photos' source)

I know Andrea will kill me and flay me alive for saying this, but I'd never heard of Gordon Lightfoot's classic 1976 song of this event before she'd mentioned it, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". I just never listened to any of that kinda stuff when I was growing up! I apologise!

Peas be with ewe

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  1. If i remember correctly it was not too long ago that some article from the edmund fitzgerald just recently was found washed up on to ground...wish i could remember...I think it was one of those circle float things.