Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I baptized my new BBQ tonight... no, no "Baptism of Fire", thank you very much! Cooks like a charm. Steak, snags, mushies and onions (and accompanied with a humble green salad). The chef even got to drink one of his beers that has been sitting unopened in the fridge for about a month!
In the end, I couldn't connect this little cooker to the external gas wall plug, but I managed to find a really cheap (but totally reliable) 2 kg gas bottle for it. Only costs $2 to refill - and it hardly used any gas at all. Works and cooks like a dream. Whew.

Now I've got another excuse to invite the guys over for a BBQ!

So... have you got any "BBQ stories" you can think of, off the top of your head? What's the nicest thing you've ever had on a BBQ before?

I'm feeling a bit brighter today, thankfully. A bit of sunshine, perhaps?

A really good friend of mine is moving tomorrow... from Brisbane to Warwick in southern QLD. That's come-up so fast for them. She said she's sick to death of packing boxes, and doesn't think she'll be ready for the removalists who are coming 7am tomorrow morning! Sneeglefarq!

Speaking of moving... it's probably about time I should find myself a new housemate. I haven't done anything about it (except clean the place up and get the carpets 'done') since the last guy moved out, about 6 weeks' ago. I've been enjoying living on my own, I really have. But I should get another good person in, to help pay the bills, you know. It'll be fine. I'm not feeling negative or anxious about it at all, thankfully.

(Thanx to ol' Hoss for the pic!)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. The food looks good

    BBQ storie...We have alot across the street...but i just recently purchased my own...hubby does the grillin...He made some awesome pork chops last week...he won't tell me what he put on them...but they were delicous!

  2. Mmm I'll bring some corn to grill and chicken..and burgers..and MMMMM bbq

  3. Mmmmm BBQ yummm..
    LMAO at the condom add...bunch of pricks, lol, hahaha

  4. Hmmm barbeque story - yes...

    When Don and I finally maried, after both our girls were born, we had a backtard wedding - he invited all the blokes from the old Royal hotel, and I had my mum and one or two friends - plus the girls who were little...FORTY men turned up! The food ran out, but not the keg, and as the evening wore on, they decided to raid out chookt=yard...we had about 80 hens (I used to get about 3 doz eggs a day) so the barbeque was lit... It was a home made job with bricks and a metal top - but close to a wooden fence...on went the eggs...away went the men who forgot the eggs because someone bought a barrel of oysters and prawns ...

    we womin folk had retired to the house by this... mum suddenly said "I smell a lot of smoke" so on my wedding night, barefoot but not pregnant I spent some time with the hose putting out the fence whcih was on fire (our house was attached to the fence)and the barbeque and wondering what I was doing here...and I still loved him...whatta gal

  5. My bloody typing again I menat "Backyard" and "Chookyard"

  6. And I "meant" not "menat" I give up.

  7. When I was growing up, we had many a family BBQ during the spring and summer months, including the obligatory grand final day fry up. It was generally a big occasion, alcohol, snags, steak, salad, etc. and I added a custom made rice dish just for something different.
    Of course, knowing how my family like social occasions, there were times the BBQ kept going until midnight.
    Ah, good times!