Monday, 28 July 2008

Thank you, once again...

24 hours always makes such a big difference to ones' outlook on life. I'm running at about a 5 or 6 today - much better than my miserable mope-ish weekend.

And yes, it did snow in the end. Didn't lay here in town, but still shining freshly on the nearby hillsides out to the east, even late in the evening.

Thank you for your thoughts and comments. They are very much appreciated.
"Mr Mal is a nice guy
who writes very interesting
things for us. Maybe he
does not know that he
is on favorite list of
many people who are
not have blog sites, etc.
We love you Mal."

I'm wondering to whom I write the royalty cheque to for the above lyric? [giggle]

It's amazing what a full-days'-diet of nothing but a thick, chunky veggie soup can do for your constitution... needless to say, I've [cough] 'been' four times today! Talk about flushing the system out. I'm sure the whole bloated feeling was contributing a whole lot to my depressed and negative feelings.

Basically... I was just feeling extremely lonely for some friendly companionship. Ended-up finding some late Sunday arvo/evening, which helped blow the blues mostly away.

It's not exactly "retail therapy", but...

Today I bought myself a new small gas BBQ - brand-new for just $45. Thrifty bugger sometimes, aint I? The beauty of this place I'm living in is that I can just plug into the gas outlet on the wall outside under the back porch. Yay.

I missed not having one here myself for the past year+, after my old-old housemate (the good one) took hers with her to her new home. How dare she? [grins].

Oh, and because I'm rapidly running-out of places to keep my ever-increasing collection of music CD's, I found and quickly assembled this $23 bargain as well this arvo.

Yes, I'm sure I'll fill it up way too quickly yet again. [happy grin]
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Happy for you Mal. There's nothing like a good purge and a bit of retail therapy to get things moving on.

    23 bucks its amazing innit?

    Have to go now, the horse is knocking on the door.

  2. Awesome CD tower mate, glad things are looking better, just keep yourself occupied :)

  3. glad that your feeling better...
    new things always make me feel better also (grin)
    That was very nice of anonymous to right that....I know you are on my favorite list :)and read your blog everyday!
    Take care Mal

  4. Hey Mal,
    Just stopped by to say Hi!Your page is really lookin' very cool. Lots of interesting reads...yeah...very nice. I think the wind here in dear little Wauchope is blowing off your snow. I can't remember it being so cold here since we left the central west. Also..your handyman skills are obviously awesome...killer cd rack!!
    you take care of yourself and RUGG-UP when you go out. Cya Lov colleen