Wednesday, 16 July 2008

If You Gotta Go

Yes, I have a cold, altho it's not quite a case of "Man-Flu", thankfully. At least I'm able to keep something down now... twas an 'interesting' night, shall we say? Being bloated sure didn't help at all.

"If You Gotta Go, Go Now" (Dylan)
Very ruff music demo only for fun.
16 July 2008
mp3 file: 3.00 MB
Length: 3' 11"

I literally woke up this morning with this song in my head... a really obscure 1965 Bob Dylan song. Trying to sing it totally ripped my throat, thanks to this cold. The finished musical thing is not quite how I heard it in my head... but I think the head-swimming-effect may have something to do with that...

Yes yes... once again, the drums are just played live... it's blinkin' hard trying to keep in time just pressing little buttons on a drum machine, you know!

Lots of fun references and influences along the way:
There's some "XTC" drum feels in there somewhere.
There's a keyboard stab stolen from The Beatles "I'm Looking Thru You".
There's a feel-steal from "Keep On Runnin'" by Spencer Davis Group.
The keyboard on the fadeout is a ripoff from The Monkees "I'm A Believer"! lol
Oh... and some fun random keyboard sounds at the start and along the way as well.

Just having some retro fun... considering my head is swimming with a cold. Pooh!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Feel better soon Mal!
    I could not even tell that you were sick on your demo.
    Take Care of yourself. drink lots of liquids. i sound like my doctor.

  2. Yes, Dear! hahahahahahaaaa. Thank you tho :)