Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I'm feeling (and looking, if the truth be known) really bloated at the moment... just a side-affect from my on-going (lower intestinal) sickness battle that comes and goes. I feel OK (apart from what feels as tho there might be a cold coming on... I hope not!), just bloated - not necessarily a nice feeling to have.

Spent a good five hours with my sons on Sunday. We hit the bowling alley (a special treat for them... we don't do that very often). SJ won the first game, and Ix the second! I think they're getting their scorecards framed, from the excitement they enthused! wOOt!

JD, aged almost 15! About 9' 9" tall! hahahahhaa.

SJ rugged-up against a Bathurst winter.
I had to laugh at his mid-year School report (they're all going really well overall, by the way. Yay!). His teacher made a comment about his English compositions, saying that it'd be nice if he didn't write every story "with a Holden" in it! hahahahahaaa.

Ix rip-roaring-ready to go - as always.

Even tho we haven't spent much time together recently, it's like we never spent time apart. We just click together straight away. It's fan-bloody-tastic, I tell you. Like fresh water to a parched soul.

I'm listening to an album I downloaded fresh today... Bob Dylan's 1997 "Time Out Of Mind" CD.

It's got a more atmospheric sound than his normal stuff. Tis a nice change. And no, I hadn't heard this particular album before now.

That takes my Dylan CD original album collection upto 15 now! muwahahahaa.

Three brand new original songs have been written by me in three days. That's good going, even for me! I'll keep working on them, and demo them, to present them to the band to have a go at in the next little while.

Matt is slowly on the improve, after a night overnight in hospital last Friday. He's still not well, but getting there. It's always the way... right when he was feeling so motivated and inspired to play again. But your health must come first.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hope your feeling better soon. Your boys are growing like weeds!! Are you really tall Mal?
    JD looks like he could touch a cloud. lol

  2. Bowling is so much fun - especially when you win! Glad you get along so well with your sons - especially the 15 year old (I am no looking forward to the teen years myself!)

  3. They're great young people, that's a totally unbiased opinon, naturally. heh heh.

    But seriously, we get on really well together. Yay!