Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ta Muchly

Thanks for your comments, good faithful handful of friendly readers.

I have been visiting your blogs (using that list on the right down there...), altho I may not leave comments every single time, I do read and appreciate the things you all write and post on your blogs :)

Having a plain, ordinary common cold at the moment is just an annoyance. No "Man-Flu" in sight, but it's still plain, common inconvenience. getting better. And yes, I'm keeping my fluids up... helping with 'the bloat' as well. Catch-22. Go figure.

more cat pictures
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hang in there. I find Lemsip works for me.

  2. Hoping for a quick recovery :)

  3. Now and when you get better take at least 3000 mgs of Vit C daily - more when the flu omes about...also take echinachae liquid whe you are beginnin to feel ill...won't prevent but will shorten the duration and severity - tastes like sewage but hey it wouldn't be good for you if it didn't. When you get your Vit get a good brand like Blackmores not that shit Natures own and Natures way both owned by big ompanies who don't give a shit...if in doubt use Blackmores... and open windows and doors early morning to flush out the house - use as little heating nas possible dress in layers unless it is a wood fired heat. HMMM have I missed something? And like me hope that someone cares enough to brin you something comforting - but don't get all droopy if this doesn't happen - its just life...

  4. Oh Mal!
    Hope you're feeling much better now. Winter is so much harder when your sick. Hope the sun shines and brightens your days soon. I listened and like the Dylan song you did. I love the oldies best, but it sounds like you have a great mix of good songs going for your band. Best of luck to you!

  5. I love that lolcat! Hope you are feeling better soon...