Thursday, 26 June 2008


Sometimes, randomly searching thru photos on Flickr, you find the strangest things!

If you haven't heard the stories about Rasputin, some of them are more true than others. The following links go to photos that dispel any mistruths you may have heard about his... erm... legend... [cough]...

Just be aware... while these following links to these two photos aint exactly 'bad', they are kinda "Unsafe For Work".

No, they aint Photoshopped. They're fair dinkum!!! Goodness! o.O

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, certainly!!!

Flickr... what a strange place sometimes!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. never heard of him i had to do some research.

  2. I want proof that it is his.

  3. Ah the tales of Rasputin and the last tsar or is it czar of Russia

  4. There's a song by the same group who sing "By the rivers of Babylon" I think - starts with "Ra ra ra Rasputin' lover of the Russian Queen..." or close enough to that...can't recall the band. I read a "supposed" life story on him once - but thts as true only as the objectivity of the author.

  5. Hmm thanks for that Mal. I read the wiki entry so an education was had about Ra-Ra-Rasputin Russia's blah de blah de bling and yes, I'd like to know too, how do they know its his dick? and yes, of course, how disgusting. I wonder how many famous people's dicks have been preserved in formaldehyde and WHY? Subject for a useful thesis, no doubt.