Thursday, 26 June 2008

45 Minutes

I anticipated talking with Julian on the phone last night (Wednesday... it's currently early Thursday morning) for about fifteen minutes.

45-minutes later...! We just talked and talked... fan-blody-tastic, let me tell you.

Isn't it a positive feeling to dialogue with someone who's on the same wavelength as you? Everything we had to say about the Boxies situation to each other was what the other had been thinking. So - it's all good.

Oh, he's such a good bloke. Reasonable, and practical, and realistic as well. If it were cool to hug him, I would! heh heh.

He agreed that I should hand out some of the stuff that's on this webpage here - some basic tips to making a band work more efficiently. (There's actually some very good practical advice to be found in some of that stuff). For Julian and I, this stuff is like Basic 101 band proceedure. But if it's all made note of by all of us, then at least we all have a level playing field to work with together, as to what basic stuff should be expected from everyone. Just to help make things a hundred-times more simple, and keep it fun as well.

Oh... random thought... they're predicting an overnight temperature of -2c / 28f when we play on Saturday night... no snow, just cold! We'll have to keep everybody warm by keeping 'em dancing, what do you reckon? Muwahahahaaa!(Photo source)


I just burnt two CD's-worth of music of Matt and Mick's old band for them to have CD copies of. Plus I burnt Matt and Julian a copy each of the Box of Sox 'demo' album (for what it's worth). Just so that everyone has their own copies. Cool.

Oh, and according to the latest weather report, Saturday night is predicted to be -3c / 25f! Gagh! Much fun will surely ensue despite the chill, I assure you!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. stay warm and just have fun!

  2. Cold? Ya great big wolly woofta. Ye dinna knaar what cold is leek, leek 'knaar?

  3. Geezes Mal! That's going to be tough on the fingers.

  4. Can you give us a run down of the song titles you are going to play at all? Keep warm :)

  5. I can honestly say I've never been called a "big wooly woofta" before! hahahahahaaaaa.

    Thankfully it's an indoors gig, and the place has got good heating. I know, I've been there before. Whew!

    Because it's an unpaid gig, and it's the last one for us as far as the current situation is, we're gonna mix it up and have lots of fun. Throwing things in, out of a list of about 60 songs! Just keep 'em dancing.

    It's all good.

    Mal :)

  6. Ha ha ha haven't heard that term "Woolly woofta" for years - used to heasr it a lot ages ago -maybe its no longer PC.

    I was over in the upper hunter recently and drove home through Tamworth and down through Walcha in the wee small hours - I think it was minus 60C (truely) but it was so beautiful when the sun finally peeked through the mountains and lit up all the frosty bits....down here on the coast winter is too bland - I miss the dramatic changes of seasons that you get inland