Monday, 30 June 2008

Best Gig in Years

Saturday's gig was the best we'd ever played together, and the best I'd been involved with in years.

It was that good.

From now on, we'll be playing as a three-piece band instead of a four. Mick has decided he doesn't really want to play the stuff that Matt, Julian and I want to play, and doesn't want to gig as much as we do. That's fine. Mick's fine with it too... so much so that he's permanently lent us the use of his vocal PA system for us to keep using! Now that's pretty cool, I assure you.

Even tho Saturday night was freezing outside, the venue was nicely heated, so it was a delightful place to play. Nice crowd, great sound, and we played and listened to each other like we really hadn't before. Really positive.

Mick found it hard, as he realised the three of us are now on a slightly different wavelength. Not that he was negative or anything like that. Just for some songs he... well, he wasn't really "getting it", I guess is the way to say it. That's OK. No, it's OK. We've worked things out.

Matt is actually positively enthused about playing some new stuff now. He's working-thru some major issues he's found himself in, and he's slowly coming good. But he knows he has to put in a lot more effort now that it's just a three-piece. Now it's more the kinda stuff he wants to play, he'll find the motivation to practice and learn stuff a lot easier to come by.

Just a quick post, Paige, just to let you know what's happening.

And it's all good.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. That's good to hear. Any photos?

  2. Glad to hear the gig was as good as you hoped. I'm also glad that you will all be able to cope with the loss of a band member.
    Having fun is the main thing!

  3. Sounds like fun... I like the smiley face too!