Saturday, 14 June 2008


Tuesday saw my bi-annual eye test and exam pass with flying colours, thankfully.

Pass, as in - my eyesight hasn't deteriorated in any way since my last exam. Yay.

The optometrist told me my shortening of distance in my close-range vision is quite normal, just a result of getting older! hahahahaa. Oh, I already knew that.

Interesting conversation with her... in a 3rd-world country, I would be classified as 'legally blind', even tho I'm only mildly short/near-sighted. The amount of people in 3rd-world countries who end-up needlessly blind, or trapped in a downward-spiraling poverty cycle, simply because they have no access to optometrists or glasses (and therefore are unable to find gainful employment), is overwhelming!!!

Daunting to consider. The visit didn't even cost me a single cent, as it was covered by Medicare. There was no need for new glasses, as I didn't require them, you know? We in the 'West' simply take a visit to the optometrist for granted.

When was the last time you had your eyes tested?

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  1. Oh man the tictac macro made my day :) And I still have to get my eyes tested soon. Blerghy

  2. I am due for an eye exam. I have always had perfect vision, but at the last exam the doctor was actually laughing about "getting older and soon I'd need bi-focals. Happens to everyone." I was not amused.

    Your band/music/vocals sounded GREAT! I really enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing that.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. My last exam was 2 years ago and i was perfect :) My doctor was kinda shocked because i am a diabetic and we usually have bad or getting bad eyesight.