Monday, 16 June 2008

Things are going pretty darn well at the moment thanks, Paige. When I find a few minutes, I'll try and catch up with you here.

I've quickly edited the band ruff live demo of "Green River", just fading it out a little earlier, as someone helpfully suggested. Unfortunately, as it was originally recorded without any separation of instruments (just three live open mics), there's virtually no 'mixing' that can be done (as such), just cleaning up the signal. There'll be a few more songs from those times to follow this week. So sorry... what you hear (of this session) is what you get! That's why I was so disappointed when we didn't do any proper recording back in March. [Looks at Matt]...

Good news about Eddie and his hand... it's healing really well and quickly (thank gawd!), with no permanent damage done. But there's some new exciting news about working alongside Eddie I'll write about very soon - and some really good recorded music of his to share as well!

Peas be with ewe

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