Friday, 13 June 2008

New Look?

We're considering a new look for the band.
What do you think...?


I'm glad Julian (the drummer and smiler) and I are on a similar wavelength. As he told me this evening,
"... we are musos and should be playing to some punters regularly to keep the interest and energy level up. To be honest I want to get out and play and would love to make this happen with yourself, Matt and Mick... or whatever line up we can establish to get us out there..."

I have no idea where Mick, let alone Matt, is at. That is, where their heads are at as far as what they are thinking about what they want to see happen with this band of friends.

So, while the whole concept of "just sitting down having a social video night" hasn't come to fruition yet, it's time for us to sit down and examine why we're doing what we're doing. Just to clarify things for everyone.

It's not good news about Eddie's right hand, which he accidentally crushed at work last week either. So he's not really available for a little while, bugger it.

What we really need is a vocalist. A good vocalist. Mick and I 'manage', but we're realistically not what anyone in their right mind would call 'good' vocalists.

Matt finally let me have access to the hours and hours worth of rehearsal recordings we've done over the past few months. When he wasn't too drunk to remember, that is... well, he did forget about it, but...

It's become a staggeringly-painstakingly LONG process. So many hours of stuff to wade thru. Not all of it is, how shall I say, "well recorded"? Some of the performances are, erm, not "up to par" either. But there's enough there to work with for now. They're only very ruff live rehearsal recordings, nothing professional at all. That was our aim back in March, remember? But thanks to Matt saying one thing and totally failing to do any of the things he said he would, we ended up only doing these crummy recordings instead.

Oh well. Such is life.

It's taking a while. The actual mixing and all that takes a good amount of time as it is. I knew that. I really enjoy all of that. I really do. What is the real pain in the @r$e is how it takes the recording machine an hour-plus to process the information for about an hours' worth of music (after it's been mixed and balanced)! Then another ten-to-fifteen minutes to upload it to my computer via USB. Too bloody long, but that's how it is. There's physically hours and hours of stuff to sort thru - that's whats' taking so long. A few more days should see something relatively worthwhile to upload that's listenable to.

Fingers' crossed.

It certainly doesn't help that I'm feeling so tired, washed-out and lethargic most of the time either. Seems to make it feel longer. Luckily I'm enjoying doing it, tho.

Well, here goes... have a listen!

Or, if you can't see/hear that, here's the link to the sound file:

"Green River" (CCR) - Box of Sox live rehearsal c. March 2008 (Edited version)
Mal on vocals and rhythm guitar.
Length: 3' 38"
MP3 File Size: 3.34 MB
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hey nice one Mal. Great little vibe along is that. Vocals sound pretty good, if a little low in the mix. Don't be afraid to bring them up a bit. It's natural for us lads who are not 'natural born' singers to kind of hide in the mix, but bring it up and don't be backwards in coming forwards. My only other thought was that it could have done with a solo somewhere but hey - it's your song and not mine. I also liked the overall sound quality very much. Did you record it using the 'beast'? And the drumming is pretty bloody good too, but I am into good drummers. Let's hear more! more! more!

  2. Hmmm. How can I say this without sounding like a was a lot better than I was expecting. I guess I should show some faith eh?

    I'm with Col, the vocals (which were much more than just passable) need to come up a little in the mix, and the drums need to go down just a tad. But overall the quality was great! And I did hear a bit of a solo, it was just very short.

    If I can stick my nose in a little here, you could consider starting the fade at around 3:40 or thereabouts.

    I think you guys would really entertain a crowd.

    Hey did you see Ian Moss at the Basement last night (ABC)? He did a really good solo version of Green River. Last week Kahvas Jute were on, now that was a blast from the past!!!

  3. Thanks for your feedback, guys. Very muchly appreciated. I'll pass that feedback on. Yay.

  4. Yeah, great stuff, Mal. Thanks for sharing it! I'm with the others--crank the vocals. Bordering on screaming once in a while wouldn't be bad :-)

  5. great job mal!
    I'm no music critic, it all sounds good...would have loved to be able to hear more of the vocal and tone down the drums a smidge.

    But i loved it and hope that i hear more of it!

  6. wooooohoooo!

    That's awesome...really enjoyed that! I hope I get to hear you live again one day.