Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Julian sent me a message late this evening... the joys of being on the road with his job during the week. Not to worry. Just glad he got back to me OK.

Thankfully his sentiments are the same as mine.
"Yeah I know we need some changes, and some structure to our sets, don't get me wrong I like Mick and his playing however he changes arrangements from jam to jam and treats it like free form sometimes, alright it's OK, but hey we are a band and what do bands do, generally play to punters and get some dollars..."
I think this Saturday nights' gig will be a real blast, actually.

I practiced some of the songs for about 90 minutes earlier this evening. Felt good. Really good. Running thru stuff and playing a certain phrase or section over and over and over, ensuring the right 'feel' is locked in the ol' grey matter.

Let's face it... there's probably not so much of the old grey stuff left up there now, is there? [runs about, pouring bowls of milk custard over his head...] Wheeeee!!!

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Now I have a visual of you with milk custard over your head. It's quite funny. Thank you :P