Wednesday, 7 May 2008


It'd only been in the last two or three months that my housemate started getting... well, really sloppy (ie. understatement) around the house. Up until then, there'd been no problem whatsoever. It was like something flicked a switch in him, and he basically didn't care about keeping his stuff tidy around here anymore. He kinda developed an unspoken expectation that'd I'd do it for him regardless, because if I didn't, well, it wouldn't get done.

Amazingly, Caroline has chronicled almost exactly the same sorta frustrations in her post today!

I told you about the vomit, didn't I? A whole week?

Nuh uh!

He's just a young bloke. I remember being that age. Going out drinking every weekend with your mates. Not really caring about anything except being in the drunken moment.

Too bad for those you have to live with.

I wasn't his mother. I wasn't his bitch, either! lol

The clincher came about three or so weeks ago, when he came stumbling into my bedroom while I was sound asleep, totally smashed off his head at 3am.

He barged thru my closed door, walked straight into my room and just stood there. He had no idea where he was.

I felt totally invaded. Totally. Respecting each others' private personal space was agreed on right at the start.

What was running thru his mind? I really cannot say. My mind boggles.

Not on. Especially at 3am!

However... over the last few months, he's been talking (no, practically boasting) about how aggressive he can be when he's drunk. Getting into fights and all that.

Basically, I was feeling really uncomfortable with him being around here at home.

And coming barging into my room at 3am, totally drunk... well...

I have a pair of old screw-on table chair-legs beside my bedroom door... erm... growing-up in the city, you always keep a sense of self-defense inside the back of your mind without realising it.

The only problem was that if he was standing in my room and decided to get aggressive, the only weapon I had for my own person defense was an old bleedin' black bass guitar standing next to the bed! lol. He was standing right next to the little pozzie in my doorway right where those old wooden legs were hiding.

He did walk out after about 30 seconds, after he basically stood there in utter confusion, swaying, not saying anything.

But at 3 o'clock in the morning, that's the sort of $#it you don't need, right?

For my own safety's sake, I got his arse out of here.

So yeah... when he sat down and actually cleaned the carpet in his room yesterday, I was kinda in disbelief. Just... why didn't he do it like three months ago?!?

Yeah, there's no agro or hostility, nothing like that. He always paid the bills on time. Well, there was that one instance about two months ago when $50 of the rent money went missing for a few days... In the end, let's just say I'd never go out and have a social drink with him in the future, let me put it that way. :)

I'll wait about a week before I put an ad in the local paper for a new housemate. Finding one won't be a problem. Tis just finding a reliable one.

"She'll be right, mate - it's all good!"
Peas be with ewe

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  1. well hopefully you won't find any maniacs or drunks for a roommate. You don't need to fight in your own home.
    take care of yourself Mal...

  2. 3am mean drunks ARE scary - unless they are finally passed out on the floor somewhere.

    I hope your next roommate turns out so much better.

  3. re using a weapon: the cops get back at you on that.

    Big people,
    angry people, Keep Comin At Ya, even if you
    stab them,
    shoot them, or
    hit them with a bat, BUT a person who has had their Middle Ear perforated by
    a sharp smack with a FLAT HAND
    immediately loses their sense of balance and
    cannot stand.

    HOME 1, VIS 0

  4. I always kept a cricket bat under my side of the bed when I was married... anyone coming into the house uninvited in the middle of the night threatening my wife or children would've copped a good whacking. Fuck the law or my own well-being. My familys' safety was always my first priority. Still is.

    Thanx for your comments, ladies :)

    Mal :)

  5. Just dropped by to say 'hi'. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in those circumstances (fortunately). I am glad that the resolution was peaceful and dignified! Wow...even clean carpet!

    Take care and enjoy the serenity...!

  6. I got the bit about the vomit and then I thought you were going to say your ex flatmate came in at 3 am and threw up all over you. Now that would be really offensive. But obviously that's my sicko imagination galloping ahead.

    Re using weapons, its always worthwhile bearing in mind that one can be de-armed, in a grim split second moment and one's weapon can be used for a purpose which it was most definitely not intended, ie, on you. Just my two bits, personally,I'm more the jump out the window type or scream like a banshee for a good twenty seconds, accompanied by a swift karate chop to the adams apple. Pretty appalling to the receiver, and tends to stop e'm dead in their tracks for quite some time. Hopefully there'll never be a need for any of us to have to resort to such extreme behaviour and good to hear the turned out to be a bit of a dropkick left sans drama cleaning up his puke as a sure sign of contrition. You have helped to make him a slightly more human human perhpas.

    BTW Mal, could you change the picture caption to "He'll be right" instead of 'she'll'. I suspect it makes it somehow worryingly ironic.

  7. Hiya Alice LOOOONG time no see!

    Maybe I should change it to "Elephant'll be alright" or something? rofl [is being silly. forgive me!]

    Mal :)