Wednesday, 7 May 2008

California Jam

I just stumbled across this classic moment of 70's rock and roll excess! (Video link... goes for approx. 5 mins!)

"Deep Purple's performance (California Jam, Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California on April 6, 1974) was one of the first to feature their third line-up which included vocalist David Coverdale. At the end of the show guitarist Ritchie Blackmore threw multiple guitars out into the audience, attacked one of the network's video cameras (which had been getting between him and the audience) with a guitar, and then had his amplifiers doused with petrol and set on fire, which caused an explosion so great it blew off drummer Ian Paice's glasses (nb. watch the roadie RUN!). The group is said to have left the concert via helicopter to escape possible arrest from angry fire marshals and ABC executives..."
If you wanna see some huge flash-bang, go to 2' 10"!!!! (Gagh! What is it with blokes and explosions? They scare the stuffing out of me, I swear).

This is such a silly moment it's truly hilarious!

"Don't do this at home, kids!"
Peas be with ewe

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