Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Within 24 hours of my housemate signing his new lease elsewhere here in town - he's gone! His room is now empty.

I knew he'd gone because... he took his beers out of the fridge! hahahahahaaaa.

What totally floored me is... he actually

Cleaned - his - room!

Even the carpet!

Gasp! I'm totally gobsmacked!

All that's been taken by mistake is an old woolen blanket of mine. When he returns the keys in a day or two, I can get it off him then. No dramas whatsoever.

Wow... it only took him two weeks to up and out the door. That's heaps quicker than I ever anticipated. That's a good thing.

If I could afford it, I'd set the front bedroom (which was his) up as a music room, and have my guitars and microphones and keyboard and drum machine and sampler and recorder and all that hooplah set up all the time. Live here on my own. Tho the practical reality is that I'll need to find a new housemate in the next few weeks, to help share the rent etc.

I could live here on my own for say the next six months, but yeah... I don't want to begin exhausting all my savings that way!

As someone rightly suggested, someone who's over 30, this time.

Tonight I'm feeling quite relaxed... relaxed enough to actually pull-out my piano-keyboard, actually set-it-up on it's stand - and leave it up for good. I spent about an hour thumping along to various Beatles songs on piano, something I physically have not done (or even felt the urge to) for easily six months. The neighbors next door moved out on the weekend as well, so there would have been no one to disturb with all my clanging notes.

Luckily there's enough room in the back-end living area for me to set my music stuff up, so it's out of the way when I'm not using it. Not the big amps and speakers and that tho - they live elsewhere, you know!

Needless to say, my right hand is a tiny bit stiff and sore afterwards! Not enough practice, what what? But it feels - damn - good!

Scary - me taken just after lunchtime today. Tis me on a better day. Dang! I had no idea my sunnies were so filthy! How embarrasment.

Last night I made myself a big bowl of steamed veggies with some sort of tangy rice (typical bloke... can't remember details like that...). Tonight I made myself a big batch of thick vegetable soup/broth. Left to simmer for like two + hours, it was awesomely yum yums! At least I'm trying to eat a bit better. It bleedin' helps.
A drummer's joke, courtesy of Julian:

Q: How do you know when the floor is level?

A: When the drummer is drooling from both sides of his mouth.

Bless 'im!!!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Now you need to throw a little "My Bad Roommate's Gone" Party.

    and hey - those sunglasses? Cleaner than mine.

  2. Well that was quick and painless..

  3. Good on yer mate! Glad to hear that he's gawn. Next time be a bit more careful who you pick eh?

  4. Hope you guys stay friends then, maybe you will both be better off not living together... cool pic Mal :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Muchly appreciated.

    Mal :)

  6. why is it really bad when the drum solo ends?

    because that's when the bass solo starts

    Carol Bayer Sager's one-hit-wonder was about a person moving out.

  7. Obviously Ann doesn't appreciate how hilarious her comment is for me... I'm a bassplayer! hahahaha