Thursday, 8 May 2008

Spring Cleaning

The place is looking the best it has in six months! Even nooks and crannies have been dusted and wiped clean! wOOt... these stray moods don't strike me all that often, this 'Spring Cleaning' thing in the middle of Autumn. Just with the place being relatively empty (except for little ol' me and Mr Thoon, of course...), I guess it's a good chance to really go from room to room and give each one a real good going over.

I found an old beer bottle cap behind one of the lounges... sheesh! Not mine, I assure you!

Just doing one room at a time. It's only a 'compact' townhouse here - there's plenty of space for two people, really. So it's not going to take very long to get this place looking really spic and span again.

Shoe prints on the ceiling? What the fook? Again... not mine!

The things you notice when you actually really take a good look with your glasses ON.

I found another small patch of splatter from... well, you know what... on the lower-back of a door... oh sheesh! All gone, quickly and easily, thank goodness.

Interesting how my emotional state ebbs and flows thru each week. I knew I was feeling relatively 'good' for two days in a row Monday/Tuesday. Today I'm not on a downward slide at all, I'm just aware that I'm probably sitting at a 6 or so instead of a 7.5. But that's OK. 6 is going good for me, honestly.

I've been playing a bit more piano / keyboards over the last few days. More than I have for months and months. There's even two new song chord progressions and a basic harmonic structure right to go for Saturday's band rehearsal... hrm!

Wonders never cease.

Oh, here's something I've forgotten to share with you. I finally got thru to the psychologist to make an appointment with him, after a few missed calls between us. My doctor recommended this guy in particular, after seeing now I have a piece of paper in my hand saying that I'm officially mad.

That's a joke, by the way...

Anyways... the psychologist is going AWAY overseas for two months from today, isn't he?


Back to scratch again.

Two steps forward, one-point-nine steps backward.

But it's all progress, right? [laughs out loud]

There's still plenty of things I would love to share on my blog. But, between you and me Paige, I'm just not totally comfortable or confident sharing somethings. It's not that my handful of faithful readers will freak out or anything (it's nothing horrible like that, I assure you!). It's just that... well, I guess that sometimes there are things that are best left unsaid on a public forum such as this. Even tho there's times when I'd love to totally spill my guts, just to let somethings out somedays. Or might not even be appropriate? I can't be sure.

But I really can't. It's not fair on the blog.

It's OK tho... I'm still juggling how exactly this blogging thing works and operates in my life. How much should or can I say? Can or ought?

Ahhh... the ethical moral dilemma!

Ahhh pooh! hahahaha. I laugh a lot. I've got to, you know.

Oh, I'm babbling away again. Somebody stop me!

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  1. I'm sure we all need to keep some things private and off our blogs. I doubt anyone really spills the beans on their blog about everything they are doing and thinking.

  2. You share what you feel like sharing..I pretty much tell you whats going on in my life...the way i feel, if you don't like what i got to don't have to read it. It's only a diary of my day to day life. I have a short memory span so if it's on here i can go back and remember it.

  3. Its good to get shit out, but take care if its too personal and you wouldn't want people you live amongst knowing...they have their ways.....whhoooo

    Sometimes its the time of year and early evenings which can affetc the moods..

    In winter it is really important to gets out into the sunlight without sunscreen which inhibits the take up of Vit D... pull lseeves back and turn your face to the sun at least a few good hours a week...

    you can not take enough Vit D to replace that which we need in the winter months and when we are down on that we feel down and then many feel sad (SAD Seasonally Adjusted Disorder)

    If you live in Melbourne then there is no hope at all!!!