Monday, 14 April 2008


I told you I was unwell! I almost fainted in the middle of Saturday's gig... never had anything like that happen before...
Slept 14 hours on Sunday as a result.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Sleep is good - especially if you needed it! Hang in there.

  2. take care of yourself...if you need to see a doctor...get there pronto!! I hope that the gig went well despite. Hope your better soobn...

  3. Oh no, take care and make sure you have enough to drink...water that is..or as I tell the kids when they ask for a drink I say, "Yep, there's plenty of tap-a-lade righ there in the kitchen".
    Glad you slept it off too.

  4. I'm feeling a whole lot better, just still washed-out. Tis just the joys of having... erm... lost a lot of... erm... 'bodily fluids' in unnatural ways on Friday (and Sunday too, come to think about it) [coughs and blushes].

    That's what happens to you when you internalize the stress and angst of a humiliating divorce - in the long term (ie. 7-years later), your body doesn't enjoy it! heh heh

    Oh yes, I keep my fluids up... I drink a lot of "Ben Chifley Cocktails" [ie. tap water!].

  5. Losing bodily fluids? In unnatural ways? What have you been doing? No. Second thougths. I had a thought. Potassium. Bananas. You need to eat more bananas. Oh and acupuncture. Not with a banana though.