Monday, 14 April 2008

What? ANOTHER guitar...?!?

Thanks for your thoughts and concern. Yes, I had what would be best described as a "bad turn" in the middle of the last set mid-gig late Saturday night. I suddenly felt really weak, slightly disorientated (half-way thru an easy popular song I got totally lost, which is something I'd never do), and like someone had punched me in the guts for a few seconds didn't help either (thankfully that didn't last long, only a few seconds!).

So yeah, Mick was able to sing the rest of the set while I stood quietly in the background, playing along delicately. I must have looked like crap, because Julian looked across at me with his eyes opened wide in consternation at one point!

It wasn't until after we'd finished that I told them what had happened. Matt, in particular, freaked right out! But it was with Julian (the drummer) that I had the best conversation about my 'condition' after the gig, as I was sitting quietly in the refreshing cool night air immediately after we'd finished playing.

You know, no-one here knows of the reality of my health issues. My doctors do, obviously. But I've never told my brother or my boys' mother about it, or anyone in sailing circles, or in the band circles, because (albeit foolishly but realistically), I don't want them to worry about it.
I think I've mentioned to JD (my eldest son) a few times that I've been "sick" and visited hospital a few times, but I've never told him details. I know he hasn't said anything to his mum (my 'ex', but I don't like to call her that... I'd much rather call her the more positive "the boys' mum", as, well, that's what she is), because she hasn't talked to me about it, and I know she would if she knew.

So yeah, it was nice to be able to sit down for a few minutes and share (albeit briefly) with someone as good as Julian about what's been happening with me health-wise.

That's what happens to you when you internalize the stress and angst from a humiliating divorce - in the long term (ie. 7-years later), your body doesn't really enjoy it! heh heh.

I'm not dying, or anything dramatic like that (not that the doctors are telling me, anyways! lol). But the last seven years have not been good for my body, as a whole.

(Do you like the way I name the post something else, to draw attention away from these first few paragraphs? lol)

Yes, I own (stops to think, scratching head ponderously...) FOUR bass guitars now. D'OH!

On Saturday morning I found myself a HUGE bargain (for only $399!!!)... a Washburn MB-5 Mercury Series 5-string Electric Bass Guitar.

It's c. early 1990's, with a natural-finish Alder body, Rosewood fingerboard, and active neck and bridge Washburn 'Eliminator' J-style pickups (for the techs among us! heh heh).

It plays like a DREAM, seriously! Great sound, such a light, pliable feel, fast smooth neck, brilliant action, and lightweight as well. I used it on Saturday night, and couldn't be more happy with it. It's as good as or maybe even a bit better than the Musicman Stingray. Sounds like molten gold thru my rig (amplifiers and speakers etc etc).

So, I hear you question, why three basses to use on stage? Firstly, every guitar has a slightly-different sound and feel to play. Well, I'll put the 4-stringer in mothballs (ie. just for practice at home or band rehearsals), and just use the Musicman as my main gigging bass, and this new one as a backup. A backup? Yes yes... if I break a string or something goes wrong with it (for whatever unimaginable reason), I have a spare bass to pick up and keep the gig going and flowing.

I finally resurrected my 15" bass speaker cabinet as well for Saturday's gig, and it sounded like a million dollars in companion with my quadbox. She's one of those bass rigs you can feel as well as hear (smirks), without being at all loud.

Ohhh... you should have heard how fantastic the green guitar sounded thru my red amp on Saturday night... everyone was raving about it. oooohhhhh! (Considering I'm a rhythm guitarist and my soloing abilities are limited to basically Chuck Berry licks! rofl).

Just taking care of business (cough).

OK OK, I'll shut up now :)
There's something so Gothicly romantic about this... sensational! (Click for the full-sized pic to see why I love this random pic I stumbled across on Flickr!)

Peas be with ewe

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  1. I'm glad you made it thru your gig alright.
    Talking about your problems is a great way to heal. That's what friends are for.
    Take Care of yourself

  2. Life is what you make it Mal. And you're making it just fine. Sometimes you have to let go and move on, and maybe it's time for you to finally do so? But I'm telling you the plot! Keep it up matey.

  3. Hmmm, this was a rather disturbing own four base guitars!? Ha ha ha, just kidding.

    Seriously, I hope you're ok.

  4. All your bass belong to us...

    [slaps self being so silly] :D