Tuesday, 29 April 2008

24 Hours

The hilarious things you inadvertently overhear in a public place!

I'm sitting quietly, chomping on a sandwich downtown, when the young couple sitting almost right next to me... her phone goes off. I couldn't help but overhear her side of the albeit short conversation...

"Well, there goes our inheritance! I'll have to call you back..."

(Turns and speaks to her boyfriend/partner): "I don't believe it... my dad just got himself engaged... to a girl younger than I am...!"

I had to get up and walk away... it was so hysterically funny. You can't make stuff like that up!
It's amazing what a difference 24-hours makes weather-wise. Today has been sunny, warm and almost windless... not a wisp of snow-clouds in sight. Almost a gloriously-Spring day in some respects.

Alas and alack, it's gonna be cold here overnight tho... they're predicting -3 / 25f ! But no snow in sight.

My ancient ugh boots have yet to make an appearance yet, tho... thankfully!

I ended-up going for a short drive in the glorious sunshine this arvo... about 30kms / 18 miles in each direction, out on a beautiful country road leading NE out of town, towards a locale called Limekilns. I haven't been out that way in many a year. There's nothing out there, as such. Just a few assorted remote farm houses and sheds. It was just the drive that made it so enjoyable, on a lovely paved winding quiet country road.

I love living out here!

Today I'm listening to:

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Peas be with ewe

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  1. nothing surpises me anymore....yesterday i watched the news and some man held his daughter in the basement for 24 years while she had 6 of his kids...sick, sick, world!

  2. It took me a moment. Right to Bear arms. hahahahaha

  3. I read that new story, and shook my head in disbelief!!!

    Right to Bear Arms - bingo! wOOt! I love thinking things from a different perspective.

    Mal :)

  4. That photo of the place you drove to, its so beautiful. Australia really is a beautiful place... now if we could just get rid of all those seat shining paper pushing bureaucrats that are sucking the guts out of our taxes.... hm