Wednesday, 30 April 2008


My housemate seems to be actually doing something about looking for alternative living arrangements, thankfully. Tho if someone rings and asks me for a 'reference', what am I supposed to say? Tell them that sure, he always paid the bills on time, but he's a drunken yobbo grot who needs mothering? rofl. I don't think so!

He's been fine lately too, thankfully - no bezerkness at all. Whew. I was kinda dreading how he'd react when I asked him to move out, but he kinda didn't respond negatively at all.

That's 11-yo SJ (on the right), taken at his recent School Sports Carnival. He looks happy because he is happy. All my sons are in the best possible family situation they could possibly be in - and that fills me with such a sense of relief.

My goldfishie, "Thoon IV" (pic taken about 3 years ago). He's as big as a small shark these days. Good company some days, albeit a lousy conversationalist.

He's a good writer tho... no, seriously! Why, just last week he managed to write on the inside of his tank, quite clearly and legibly, "Clean my tank out, you bastard"! [giggles happily].
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Glad your housemate is not being a jerk.

    Amber has fish that are 6 years old.

    Hope all is well Mal...take care of yourself.

  2. Maybe your roommate was ready to leave - just needed a good push. (part of that "mothering").

  3. What a well educated Goldfish... you must be an extraordinary animal trainer...

    Your son is a beautiful kid...

  4. Is that where you live Mal? That's the spiffiest brickwork I've seen for a while. Hope the next housemate is more house trained or at least trainable although, having-said-that, try to get one over thirty.

  5. Your son and my son would get along famously, they are both, tall, blonde and happy with their mates...we had our sports carnival day last week too..what a big fun day we all had.

  6. Thank you for your comments, ladies. Muchly appreciated, as always!

    Mal :)