Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I was walking downtown this arvo, doing a bit of minor grocery shopping. I spied someone walking towards me that I haven't spoken to in about five or six years.

The thing is... before my ex and I were seperated and then divorced (six + years ago), he used to be one of our main supporters...

Let me explain (if I can?). Believe it or not, we used to be fulltime church-workers.. that is - missionaries! Yes. I used to teach children as a children's evangelist.

Mind boggling, isn't it?

Yes, it is for me as well.

Anyways (and back on topic...), our sole means of financial support was by church-based people to financially support us, with a monthly direct-debit thing going from them to us, via our mission organisation blah blah blah.

Yes... this guy walking towards us was one of our main major supporters when we were together, working our asses off, traveling around the state teaching all sorts of different people.

Committed 'church' people reacted in very disturbing ways when news got around that we'd seperated and then divorced (amicably, actually). I hadn't heard back from him in five or six years. Calls, emails, letters not returned.

Very sad stuff.

I honestly tried to reach out to people like this when I needed them. When I *really* needed them.

Response? Nothing - at - all.

As he was walking towards me, I turned to talk to him, smiled, and asked him in a straight-forward manner,
"So, where have you been for the last six years?"

I turned, and walked off.

I wanted to say that...

But I didn't.

I just kept walking straight past him.

Here's a few quick recent snaps-on-the-run of Box of Sox stuff...

That's the room we're rehearsing in at the moment. Wooden floors and ceiling... beautiful sounding place (it's an ex-recording room in a past life). Taken by me mid-song (hence the blurriness! lol). Julian hiding behind his drums to my left, then Eddie (white guitar), Matt (red guitar), and Mick off to the right. There were three live mics plugged into the recording desk (ie. one hanging seemingly off the ceiling!), which we just got a basic live room sound, as well as the three vocal mics which went thru the vocal PA speakers. That's how we try to rehearse, "In The Round" looking and bouncing off one-another. It's delightful.

Same room, looking back the other way, just prior to everyone else arriving to set up for a rehearsal and all that. My guitars and rig are at the far-end of the room (out of the way! lol). Yes yes - polished floorboards, and a wood-paneled ceiling makes for some amazing sounds. It's a bit larger than a single-car garage, huh?

It's a glorious place to rehearse!

My three guitars... just to confuse everybody (and me included, somedays!), there's a 4-string, a 5-string, and a 6-string! Gagh!

There's some other photos I've added here as well, if you'd like to take a peek.

My one and only big brother turned 54 today. We had a good ol' catch-up chat on the phone for about twenty minutes earlier this evening.

Gees, that was SOOOOOOOO good to just sit down (over an imaginary cuppa) and chat away together. We get on really well these days - but it hasn't always been like this. Thankfully we can talk about what's really going on for us, which has been a real breath of fresh air for both of us.

He's "Home Alone" at the moment... his wife is away visiting family (one of her aunties is having her 100th birthday... you don't come across those too often!). Is he misbehaving? Nope! He was actually all paint-splattered, repainting some of the rooms of their 12-month-old home! That's what he does to relax.

Then he was going to take himself to visit "The Colonel" (as he calls it! lol) and spoil himself. Yay for KFC... when the cat's away...

And it just keeps getting better and better...

My first 'counseling' session went well... altho it was just an introduction and seeing where to go from here kinda meeting, it all seemed positive. There's still a lot of stuff to work thru tho - I know that.

I'm taking the boys bowling on Saturday. Oh... I'm so excited already just thinking about hanging out with them again. Oohhh... can you hear the bloody chair here squeaking as I'm bouncing up-and-down?

Matt has worn himself out apologising for his drunken ramblings the other night (obviously a mate forgives quickly), and we've worked-out song setlists for Saturday nights' gig. So that's all happening again.

Sunday is the last Sailability day for the year for us (probably). We're heading out to Ben Chifley Dam (near us) rather than out at Carcoar, as at lower than 8% capacity, Carcoar Dam is basically unsailable! So - a sail! Yay!

So yeah... the rest of this week is looking positive, after a relatively-emotionally-flat Easter weekend.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Believe it or not I can relate to you over the "friends" I used to have when I went out to church. I used to belong to a fundamental millennialist group who were very family oriented and called each other "brother" and "sister". We got very close to some of the families there. When we left (a long story that I won't go into in your comments *grin*) we found ourselves shunned by some of the people who had professed to love us. It was a very difficult transition to go through. Having said that, I think I'm a stronger person because of it and having read your posting I believe you are too.
    Onwards and upwards, eh Mal? :)

  2. I love your turquoise guitar that looks like a Gibson but isn't. It's really lovely.

  3. Well ain't that just so christian!

  4. Oh, I could tell you some very weird stories about certain "Christians" who have treated me as their personal "Evangelism project". Once I told them (politely) I wasn't interested in going back to church, but would rather just spend time with them being themselves, they stopped calling & returning calls and emails.

    And, oh yeah! I [[[hug]]] my green guitar! I know Matt's slightly jealous! heh heh

    Thanks so much for your comments. i really appreciate it.

    Mal :)

  5. Well - obviously, you were the bigger man for not confronting that guy. So many do not practice what they preach. I've seen it happen to other people as well.

  6. Carcoar Dam...that has to be near Carcoar. In the mid '70's my husband and I spent the winter doing Blayney, Bathurst etc all round that area in an uninsulated caravan (with our toddler) I have never been so cold...BBBBBlayney and Carcoar were even colder than Bathurst. We had overcoats on inside the van in the middle of the day at times. Don used to work for a company which installed underground petrol tanks and the van came with th job - was the best time I loved Carcoar than.

  7. Oh! Forgot...people who brag about being "Christian" are generally the least "Christian people on the planet. They more oftne seem to be narrow and blinkered and downright cruel... least you found out who your friends weren't.

  8. Oh yes, Middle Child... it gets BLOODY cold out at Blayney and Carcoar... Carcoar dam is just the other side of Blayney towards Cowra. We've had our last weekend of sailing for the season just this weekend... and it's like the last weekend of march! Gagh!

    Carcoar and the locale is a gloriously peaceful location... I love it out there. I always seems a million miles from anywhere... especially out on the water. it's such a 'crime' that they're letting all the water out.

    Quite a few of us are realistic in the expectation that it won't fill up again :(

    Mal :)