Thursday, 27 March 2008

Need More Cowbell

Matt's worked out three sets for Box of Sox to play for Saturday night's function. It's great to see him getting involved this way, as it's just something either the bassplayer (myself) or the drummer (Julian) always end up doing. That's not a negative... it's just kinda an unwritten role the rhythm section have with little jobs to do! heh heh

What the &^%$#@ is that? At the top is a match (Der! lol). Below that to the left is a Tic Tac. On its right is one of my daily anti-depressant meds called "Cipramil/Celepram". Underneath is an Aussie 5-cent coin.

Bloody tiny thing that tablet, aint it?

Too bad my little point-and-shoot camera doesn't do the whole close-up macro thing. Not to worry. I'm not.

I've been wanting one of these for twenty years - no, that's no exaggeration! This morning I spent all of $20 and bought myself - a cowbell (no, not the shirt... mind you, I wouldn't mind what's in the T-shirt... erm... that is... what I mean to say is... um.. [blushes])! And a semi-circular tambourine as well... one of these things.

Should be a good weekend... run thru a few songs quickly (and quietly on acoustic guitars!) with Matt on Friday morning; hang out with my handsome sons bowling on Saturday; gig Sat night; and Sailability on Sunday. I'll sleep well Sunday night... even if there is no wind out sailing, it's still tiring setting up and putting everything away again. But there's nothing quite like sitting out on the water... nothing at all.

Oh, and we've had some GOOD rainfall... like a few inches in a week! Fingers' crossed that some of it fell out in the Carcoar dam catchment, huh?


Stop Press and all that kinda thang...

I just bought, thru eBay, a new 600-watt bass speaker (similar to this) for my until-recently empty 15" speaker cabinet (that's the bottom one in this pic here). A real bargain, and it's something I needed to get done. It should arrive mid-next week, and be ready to use next weekend. That'll surprise the Soxies for sure! Muwahahahaaaa!

Bloody cold snap here tonight... down to 3c / 37f here overnight! Now, where did I put my box of sleeping sox?
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Sounds like you have a good weekend planned! i, on the other hand, am still working on trudging through the week. Enjoy your sons and friends.. !

  2. So you're going to be practicing Don't Fear The Reaper then?

    Everyone needs more Cowbell :)

  3. More cowbell!!! We're adding some to one of those new tracks on Monday Mal. You gotta have it. Been a bit down since my kids broke my bongos too :(

  4. Hope all goes well with your gig. Sure sounds like a busy weekend...get your rest.

  5. Heh Heh - At first I thought you were buying the girl!

  6. Mmm just don't buy a cowbell that is hanging behind one of these cow-haulers we have here in the states.. The bell would be a bit.. stinky! LOL

    I about spat when I read the title of your post - it made me laugh and grin for a bunch of the day.

  7. more Cowbell...thats funny... on my blogroll I have a friend who calls herself More Cowbell...hmmm synchronicity.

  8. Thank you so very much for your posts and comments, everyone. I've had a WOW of a weekend, thank you!

    Mal :)