Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Thing

I'm working on getting an English-version of the User's Manual for The Thing, as the one it came with is in Japanese. Hey, I've got one... I downloaded it as a pdf document and it's on my laptop. Just... would it be cheaper to print it (or the more vital bits of it) out, or purchase a copy from Roland? I emailed them yesterday, but haven't heard back from 'em yet... you've gotta appreciate, it's 360-pages THICK! That's a lot of printing!

Been fiddling a bit with it today... had some fun laying down about six big fat guitar sounds played simultaneously against a basic drum loop, for like a 30-second giggle.

But I lost it... I thought I saved it, but obviously I didn't. Oh well, no disaster. Just fiddling. Time to actually READ the instructions, perhaps? hahahahahaa.

I've watch two brilliant movies in the last few days, both of which I hadn't seen before... they have been on my "To Watch" list... borrowed them from the Library.

Big Fish (2003) and Amélie (2001). Brilliant. Gorgeous. Stunning. Moving. Heartwarming. Uplifting.

Why did I wait so long to see these cinematic masterpieces?!? Woah!

On a side-track... I went to open the DVD-player, and I found one of my housemates'... erm... how do I put it...? "Art" (?!?) videos in there? [cough]. Needless to say, I left it on his bed instead, unwatched! hahahahaaa. He's away for the week, anyway. Must have had a lonely moment to himself the other evening when I was out for the night, I guess? [cough]. Definitely not my cup of tea, but, oh well, each to their own.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Amelie is one of my favorite movies. I really liked Big Fish too - especially the ending.

    I recently watched Waitress - which was really good. My husband even enjoyed it. You might like it.

  2. I really liked Big Fish, I don't know the other movie though.

  3. The Thing looks good mal. It's got more knobs on than mine. I feel inferior!

  4. Big Fish and Amelie, what a great double!