Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Thing

The thing arrived this morning, right when I had a mouth-full of toothpaste to boot. Works and sounds like magic.

This morning I helped Mr Hoon get the Sailability boats ready for this coming weekends' State Regatta, being held at nearby Wallerawang (Lithgow, NSW). Absolutely too long since we've got together and just hung out - even tho we were technically "working"... even unloaded some wire mesh for the upcoming concrete slab, off the back of a truck.

Then towed a small trailer with three of the small boats 50kms/31 miles back to his place, where they'll be picked up by another person on Saturday morning blah blah blah. Found out it's my silly wiring that is the cause of me left indicator light on any trailer I tow not to work properly. Hrmm... thankfully that thing is still under warranty.

Then shared a sandwich, a hot cuppa tea, and some more catching-up blokey chit-chat.

He's a good friend... even tho we haven't seen each other since Xmas-time, it was like we saw each other yesterday. Straight into sharing at a level of personal intimacy... so yeah, it was really good to catch up.

Back home... enjoying those CD's I burnt of the "Top 500 songs", singing along in the car happily for another 50 kms... hey, I've gotta get some singing practice in sometime! Got some groceries done, as for dinner last night I reflected that everything I'd eaten had been "processed"... time to run out and get some fresh fruit and veggies - which I did this arvo. Thanks, Aldi... truly a 'blokes' supermarket! No frills, simple selections, in-and-out in 10 minutes.

Then home to do some washing, disembowel the growing pile of dirty dishes, and then fiddle with the thing...

Two phone calls along the way... always the way - the phone never rings here, and it went off twice in 2 minutes! First was Matt ringing from work, as he was basically bored! Practically the second I'd hung up, Eddie rang... those five CDs I burnt and posted to him yesterday arrived safely. We worked out our next immediate step as a band... work on five songs at a time, get them down pat with arrangements, starts, solos, harmonies, endings, all that stuff... and do five new songs a week. Or at least do the same thing with songs we already know really well, just brush 'em up to make 'em sparkle!

So yeah... we're a real band now! We've passed the 'jamming' stage and are now developing the 'arranging' phase. This is the fun part for me! Wheee!

Sorry for the chatty post, Paige. But, well, there ya go.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Just a totally random comment but boy do those veggies look yummy :)

  2. Indeed they do look nice.

    Great deal Mal. Sounds like the band is really getting together and making a go of it. I am happy to hear that.

    Mine fell apart when someone decided that playing the same song more than once was "too boring" and wanted something new every time we play.

    Playing crappy is one thing, playing a lot crappy is another. I was outa there.

    Good for you man! Make it work, record something live, I will buy it from ya!

  3. I still want front row tickets when you come to detroit :)

  4. Oooh, you are so spoiled for fresh fruit and veg!

    February here used to be known in ye olden days as the month of 'mud and cabbages'...

    Friends, cuppa, music, can't beat that - and good luck with the arranging project.