Friday, 22 February 2008


I've been fiddling with "The Thing"... I've (obviously) got to get the hang of using this particular form of technology... but these things can do absolutely anything... and I'm not kidding! I've literally only scratched the surface of this thing so far.

I've put on one quick home demo, just using the onboard sounds, and uploaded a VERY ruff unmixed demo version here, solely for you to laugh at... only goes for 2 minutes... it's VERY ruff, I assure you! Just some spontaneous nonsense! I'll fix it up eventually. It just gave me something to start with, and begin to fiddle with and experiment with all the different functions... all trial-and-error... but yeah, this is just spontaneous nonsense!


And no, this is not representative of how the band sounds... not at all! I was just mucking about, trying to slowly learn how to use this thing.

The other thing I've learnt to do is to make drum loops... here's two really-obvious examples (both about 15-seconds long) to show you the kinda thing I can do. I've got 118 loops happening so far on my computer! wOOt! This stuff is kinda addictive! But no no, it's not like that...

Sample One

Sample Two

Can you guess what they're from (without looking at their filenames? lol)?

Oh... and I'm still learning a good way to share music files online. This was just off the top of my head, sharing these this way. I'll find a more effective way sometime or other! I'll try this place as an experiment. (Thanks to Axe Victim for the link). Postscript... I couldn't get it to work... hrm...

My housemate came home late this arvo (afternoon) from his weeks' "conference" in big bad Sydney... walked in the door, smiled, grunted - and went straight to bed! hahahahaa.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. My cat looks at me like that all the time :(

  2. the demo's sounds great. Way to keep at it!

  3. HELEN!! Woot!!

    Demo sounds good man. I make them like this from time to time, but never ever post them up there to have folks listen. I should do that this weekend. My "Thing" doesn't do the drum loop thang either. So if you are hearing drums at any time from my thing - I'm playing them.


  4. I'll be checking out the demo too, not to worry...I'm just very slow this week.

  5. I was waiting for the opening harmonica riff. Was that an out of the box drum beat?

  6. Oh, I know it's When the Levee Breaks by Led Zep, I'm just asking if it's pre-recorded or if you did it.

  7. The concept of a "Drum Loop" is to digitally record/sample a few bars/beats/seconds of a drum track off someone's album. So yeah, that's the first few bars of John Bonham playing "When the Levee Breaks" off Led Zeppelin's 4th album, with the pattern looped, or repeated.

    I've only done about 10-or-so drum loops exactly that way (eg. "Lust For Life", Iggy Pop, etc). The other 150+ loops I've downloaded off the net... there are plenty of sites with pre-recorded drum loops available for free etc etc etc.

    It's just a very easy way to get an authentic live drum sound, rather than using a drum machine. Modern drum machines are good, but... nothing really beats the sound and feel of a live drumkit. hence the samples and the loops.

    It's all just a grand experiment for me, anyways. Once I found out how easy it was to do it, I've done lots now for myself.

    Blah blah blah

    Mal :)

  8. I agree, a loop sounds much better than a machine.