Friday, 21 December 2007

Xmas Spirit...?!?

Would you like to see the world's most pathetic attempt at decorating my Xmas tree this year?

Yes... it's still in it's box! I told you I'm finding it hard to get into the swing of things this Xmas!

Here's what it would normally look like...

I might pull my finger out and actually set it all up this afternoon, what do you think...? (Feels guilt! hahahahaaa)

Although there are some people who get right into it, bless 'em! Gotta love it.

Taken yesterday slap-bang in the middle of downtown. Aint it kute? That's the Fossil and Mineral Museum in the background, which was the original Public School building. Great old town is Bathurst, you know. Love it. Simply love living here. And have been since 1995 (on-and-off).

That's the old St Stephens Presbyterian church on the right, slap-bang in the centre of town. Tuesday night I just happened to be talking to the lead-lighting guy who's been restoring one of the vandalized stained-glass windows there. Who'd be brain-dead enough to hurl a freaking brick thru a church Stained Glass window? I mean to say! Gagh! Regardless of what your theological convictions may be... you just don't do shite like that, huh?

But then, at this time of year, the traffic in town seems to quadruple for no apparent reason! These simple rural large-ish town (30,000 people) intersections don't usually see so much traffic! Country drivers and roundabouts - a BAD mix at the best of times! People either fly thru 'em or stop sit and wait for ever! heh heh. And no... we don't all sit around and watch the traffic lights change for high-class rural entertainment here... that's only in mid-winter... [winks].

And yup... looking for a parking space slap-bang in the centre of town is pure pot-luck. You've gotta know the little local nooks-and-crannies as to find a parking spot close to the CBD. Otherwise it'd be a good walk instead. Thankfully I live a three-blocks'-walk away! Too easy.

And what is it about Xmas that drives people into a shopping frenzy? I suggested my theory yesterday... but yeah. You can normally walk through here quite easily (this is one of the three "Malls" [but we don't call them or see them that way] in town) - and you'll always bump into someone you know and stop for a chat. That's country life - and I love it!

You've simply gotta love country people... even just after I took this photo (and I took all of these "happy-snaps" just yesterday), the stall holder (lady in the purple shirt on the right, partially obscured) said she should have jumped up and struck a huge pose, if she'd known I was taking a photo! hahahaaa. You wouldn't get that kind of friendly reaction in a big metropolis like Sydney. You'd probably get either stared down or stabbed or something! Pooh.

Here's a fun story I haven't shared on here before. When I first started coming up here, in the early 1990's, I'd been a city boy born-and-bread. I didn't know anything different, sadly.

Anyways, one Xmas-time I was driving to one of the local village shops around here to get some milk or something like that. There was a guy driving towards me, in a large old battered Land Rover/Jeep thingy, complete with his cattle dogs strutting on the back tray.

He did what a normal country person would do, and waved G'day at me.

My reaction? I simply assumed there was something wrong with my car! Like a wheel was about to fall off or something. Seriously, that was my reaction!!!

We pulled up next to each other outside the little village shop, and as he got out, complete with his dirty-brimmed Akubra hat, he smiled, looked me in the eye in a friendly way, and said "G'day".
(Thanx to Flickr for this random image)

I - did - not - know - what - to - do!!!

I think I muttered a polite but quiet "G'day" back, but... I just wasn't used to people being friendly like that in public!!!

I felt like such a city-clicker! A total doofus. I was bought up that in a public place you never looked someone in the eye, out of raw fear. Scary, but true.

Now I know different. You always stop and have a chat with someone whenever you go down the street. Even when you go to the RSL Club or the movies, or even as what happened with me at the Bowling Club just the other night. You always seem to bump into someone you know from somewhere. Even if you haven't seen each other for a few years. It's just the way it is. "G'day, mate".

And it's lovely. It really is.

It's sure a magical cure for the blues, let me tell you! Blows any cobwebs right away.

Give me the rural lifestyle any day, thank you very much.

Oh, and then there's the time when I'd only just moved up here, and I'd stopped at a set of traffic lights. I looked across, and the ute (utility vehicle) next to me had a rear tray-FULL of dry dog food, just heaped in a large pile in the back!

I smiled, and thought to myself, "Well, I'm in the bush now!"

I'd like to thank Willowtree Dingo and Tillerman for inspiring me lately in my attempts to write a little more fluidly on my blog. Thank you, kind sirs. It's all trial and error :)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Oh man, you live in Bathurst! I didn't realize before, though I though the picture yesterday looked familiar. I visited there many years ago. What a coincidence!

  2. It is true that in a city if a stranger makes eye contact with you either a)assume they are crazy or b) think there is a booger hanging out of your nose.

    Dreaming What Ifs...

  3. I love the decorations... all you need now are some twinkly lights! Have a happy Christmas!