Sunday, 23 December 2007

Happy Festivus

The boys and I spent a few hours hanging out happily yesterday. In the POURING rain (the same stuff that's caused some flooding way out west!), we hit the new local indoor pool instead! it was actually a georgeous day to be in the water, to be honest. It wasn't at all crowded. And the boys take to water like... well... like ducks to... erm.. heh heh. JD and Ix and I had some awesome one-on-one hanging-out quality times. Trying to catch SJ in one spot for long enough was the only reason we didn't get a one-on-one moment so much! heh heh

At this stage, my "Xmas" will be Xmas Eve, hanging out with the boys at a local park or something. Just running about, and - oh yes, doing the whole prezzies thang! heh heh. No tree, no Xmas dinner for me. But actually being able to see the boys around Xmas time will be, for me, the bestest prezzie I could ever get. First time in about four years.

Xmas Day will be, for me, a quiet one. As I have literally no one to spend it with, I may just go out to Ben Chifley Dam and simply go sailing on my Laser instead. There won't be too many people out there, at least. Nice way to spend the day, just sitting out on the water, enjoying the space, the sunshine, and the air. It'll be quiet and relaxed. Try not to think too much.

Boxing Day? Watching the start of the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht Race, then onto the Test Cricket from the MCG, of course! On tellie, of course! Oh, couch potato!

Here's a link delightfully describing how some Aussie families will be spending their Xmas Day. You've gotta remember, it's summer here, folks! I might find a stray BBQ out at the dam somewhere myself.
Hey... you know how I was talking about the bad craziness of downtown the other day? Well, this photo I took at about 3pm on Friday afternoon in the middle of one of our supermarkets! Where is everyone...?!?

I got everything I needed to get... in-and-out in literally FIVE minutes! Weird! Like everyone had simply had enough and just weren't gonna come into town to do anymore shopping or something!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. OH Lord, a friend of mine did a Christmas mix tape for me a few years back and had sound clips from that epi of Seinfeld!!

    Merry Merry :)

  2. To Mal and Family,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    from WT and Family

  3. Merry Christmas Mal! Hope that you have a great holiday!

  4. MOTD - I haven;t seen the episode for ages... but the whole concept just stuck in my head! heh heh

    Thank you so very much, Axe, WT and Caroline :)

    Mal :)