Thursday, 20 December 2007

Sane-ish People? Where?

While I'm not able to catch up with my boys on Xmas or Boxing Day, I'm thankful I'll be able to get a little time with them on Xmas Eve. I'm thankful for the small things. And we're spending most of Saturday-day hanging out together as well. Whew. [smiles broadly]

(The boys last month)

JD had his girlfriend hanging out at home tonight, so he wasn't gonna stick around on the phone and speak much with me, huh? hahahaha. I think it's adorable!
Well, I've done it... my Xmas shopping (and posting out the majority of my cards), that is. I got out and faced the manic crowds of what is normally a nice quiet town of 30,000 sane-ish people. But not come holiday time. Everyone just seems to go slightly loopy. People walk that extra step faster, drive that extra few km/h over the limit, gather in larger clusters in those right-in-the-way spots, chat with those extra-high-pitched voices in the shops. What IS it? Why?

My theory (and I assure you it is only a theory! heh heh) - is guilt! No, seriously, guilt. People feel guilted into buying presents and cards and things for people they spend the rest of the year delicately trying to steer clear of!

OK OK... it's a crappy theory! I know that!

Thankfully I've got stuff for the boys, and that's the main thing. When I first went into town, the place was literally crawling with bodies. I slipped off somewhere reasonably quiet for a bite of lunch, and came back about 45 minutes later. Where had everybody gone? Queues not there at all. Straight in, straight out. Must all come down to good timing, I guess. Something I seem to have lost in these last 7 years or so. lol

And, of course - I walked in. That's the beauty of living just 3 1/2 blocks from the centre of town! Yay! The radio in the mornings at this time of year keep crossing to people who are saying how there's nowhere handy to park etc etc. So I walked in. Heck, I normally do anyways. A flat 3 1/2 block walk.

Luckily I beat the approaching afternoon storm home by about 10 minutes. It sure looked far worse, black, gloomy and threatening, than it actually was. About 7 minutes of showers, then - that was it! That kinda pattern is pretty standard for us around here this time of year. Builds up and up and up - and kinda fizzles out. Sydney are the ones who usually end up copping those storms. Poor buggers. Hail and wind and rain... all we get is a few good-size drops for a few minutes. Just enough to make the ground wet, and away it moves again, off to make someone else rush around trying to beat it before it hits them.

Matt and I were supposed to be getting together this arvo for a jam, but he sent a text message letting me know something else came up for him. That's cool. But I admit I was kinda disappointed. I was really looking forward to sitting down and working hard with him, fleshing out a few new songs together. It's good discipline for both of us. And Gawd knows I don't have enough discipline (musically) these days. Long gone are the days when I used to sit and practice and play for two or three hours every day. Loooooong gone!

But it's all a bit like riding a bike. You don't forget... just your technique gets a bit rusty. And Matt's helping me oil-up my brain and fingers again.

It's been nice hanging out with Matt. He's a nice bloke - about 10/12 years younger than me, but that's OK. Just recently he's been sharing a LOT of pretty-heavy life-issue-stuff with me. That's fine - but it sure came out of left-field for me. I just had to roll-with-it as he was telling me some pretty personal life-shattering stuff.

I had no idea he saw me as that kind of friend! I always thought of him as an 'associate'! That's not meant to be a negative, that's just... I didn't have a full appreciation of how he values my friendship. Kinda rocked me a bit at first. But I'm just rolling with it.

I thought he just enjoyed playing with me musically! heh heh

(And, by the way, they are just nice photos I found by searching on Flickr, not mine! We don't sit on his toilet and play guitars! I swear! hahahaaa)

Random thoughts... great things you can't help but overhear behind you, crossing a busy intersection at lunchtime. Lady talking into her mobile phone, "eMail me so I can get your mobile number and I'll call you tonight..."

Just sounded ludicrous to me! hahahahaaa
A new blog for you to explore and enjoy... well, a fun picture blog. Thanx to Willowtree Dingo for the link.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hey, good looking kids Mal, although when I clicked on the thumbnail to get a better look, I couldn't help noticing a touch of teenage angst under that baseball cap ;)

    This is a real coincidence, not three minutes before coming here I posted a couple of ICHC cute pics myself (it's actually the first time I've ever posted their stuff on my blog). Like you I thought it was time to spread the word, even though the link has been there fore a while.

  2. Thanks - and well-spotted! They are great young people all the same, despite my obvious bias! heh heh
    Mal :)

  3. ICHC is one of my favorite sites. I visit everyday for a smile. Such cuteness!

  4. Hi Mal!
    Yes, make the best of the few hours of the day with you boys, and your short visit with your brother and his wife. Im sure the time you do spend will enrich your holidays splendidly. ENJOY and have the Merriest Holiday!