Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Illiteration! hahaa

The swirling, swaying swathe of the central western Highlands and plains, around Carcoar Dam NSW. Standing small, waving happily in the passing breeze, colouring an endless horizon with joy. Buzzing flies bustle busily before and behind me, swarming secretly behind my clothed back.

God yes, I love it out there! Bring it on!

I'm planning a short driving holiday to the Upper Hunter/Lower New England areas in early January. Just for a change of scenery. Get some air into my tired lungs.

It's just as lush and flowing out that way too.

You know, there's like six days to go before Xmas, and I haven't even started my shopping yet? I just can't seem to reach within me to find the motivation. I've already got something for my brother. I know what I'm getting for the boys. Even the Xmas cards are still sitting here, unwritten and unsent. It's not hard, Mal. I just wish I... oh, forgive me. I'm having an 'off' day! heh heh

I received a fantastic card and letter from some OLD old friends (we're talking 1985+) who are back living in Canada, after a years' sojourn in Uganda! I think I just really miss 'em. No, I know I do. Maybe it's something as simple as seeing their enclosed family pic that set off todays' mild case of blues?

My brother is coming down from Cairns, leaving this Saturday and leaving Sunday week. Which is sensational. All-in-all, I'll only get to see him for a few hours once. That's just the way their visiting itinerary can squeeze me in.

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed too.

Xmas can be a very lonely time for a single person. For a divorced dad even more so.

And no, I don't get to see my own children actually on Xmas Day. It's just the way it is. Has been the same for six years now.

And yes, it still hurts.

A lot.

Xmas is a ruff time for me.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Awww you can have my nephews for Christmas...I'll send em right now.