Thursday, 13 December 2007

My Handsome Boys

Dad's bragging rights follows...

Here's three photos taken just last night of my three sons. My youngest (aged 9) took them! SJ and Ix had their School Presentation evening last night, and they both did very well, both receiving "Most improved" in both Music and Maths. Yay! I'm so proud of them!!!

Then the children put on a Xmas play, which was cute and expectantly corny - but still very cute!

Ix by Ix! heh heh

A gorgeous photo of SJ, wouldn't you agree? He looks a lot like I did at the same age... he always has in so many ways!

Here's 14-yo JD taken by his younger brother!

Here's a link to a small gallery of latest pics of my handsome sons, taken over the last four months. Yay! I am so proud of them!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Great photos! They all look alike too!

  2. They are so very handsome!!!

    I wish i could be so proud of my kids and thier grades...had some bad news with their progress reports, hopefully in 5 more weeks they can change that.

  3. Thank you, ladies! [blushing]. It's not often enough I brag about my georgeous sons on here - i must more often from here on in! heh heh
    Mal :)

  4. Mighty handsome young men you have there! A Dad's gotta be proud of that! Yes the one son does remind me of a younger you!
    We need to see more of them in the blog.
    Right on!