Friday, 2 November 2007

SJ's Birthday Guitar

I'll post this post first, because it'll be the last one that comes up when all the following posts are posted... does that make sense? If it does, could someone please explain it to me? heh heh

SJ's 11th birthday is in a week, and he's been wanting his first guitar. So, being the proud muso daddy that I am...

It's a black 3/4-scale classical guitar, and I also got him a cover/bag with it, as well as a book, CD and DVD about starting playing the guitar! I thought he'd like a black first guitar! heh heh.

Yesh, I'm excited about it, and for him.

I remember my first new guitar... my dad bought it for me when I was about 15-ish, at Farrell's Music Shop in Brookvale. It was a black [with pearl inlays] Ibanez Dreadnought acoustic guitar, that played like a dream. It looked very similar to this one here. Unfortunately it hasn't survived through to these years... the back of the neck, right behind the nut, was irreparably broken about 10 years ago. I was devastated when that guitar died. It was my "Brian" - yes, I have pet names for all my guitars. 'Brian' was my baby... I adored that instrument... such a nice deep clear tone. I wrote lots of songs on that beautiful instrument. I still miss that guitar.

So, my immediate thought upon seeing a black guitar for SJ was of my own first guitar, that my dad bought for me... ahhh, nice memories :)
Peas be with ewe

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