Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Sailing In the City

Tillerman has proposed we scour the world to identify the best photos of Sailing in the City. To qualify a photo must be not only an excellent photo of sailing but also have a background of a readily identifiable city, or city landmark

I used to sail 16-foot skiffs around Sydney Harbour back in the 1970's-80's! But none of my old photos are necessarily 'identifiable' as being on Sydney Harbour!

I wish I had one that used to hang on the wall of the old Sailing Club... a boat impaled on the bow of one of the Harbour Ferries... closer observation revealed one of the sailors' heads bobbing in the water alongside the ferry, who thankfully had stopped their motors dead, so no-one would get sucked under and...!!!

Too bad I couldn't post any "Sailing In the Country" pics... there's bound to be one with some cows or sheep grazing on the shore as someone sails past out at Carcoar, surely? heh heh

Nevertheless, thanx to Google, here's my entry.

Lasers competing on Sydney Harbour in the 200 Olympic Regatta, with Sydney's Centrepoint Tower highlighted in the background.

(Click pic for enlarged photo)
Sailing old-school-style on Sydney Harbour. Some unidentifiable old-school-style building in the background [har har] (Source)
Peas be with ewe

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