Monday, 5 November 2007

It's All GOOD!

[I've been putting this post off for a week, simply because there's so much to write - and it's all positive. In the end this post is really only a quick jotting!]

Firstly - my brother has sold his house! At last! They got - and accepted - a fair offer last Monday! Yayayayay! This has been dragging on for like 18 months+ for them, and it's such a relief for them to be finally over this huge hurdle. They would have had to leave Cairns if it hadn't sold soon... that just wasn't part of their plans at all! Thankfully they can finally feel settled in their huge 'sea change' up in Cairns. They're loving it, and I'm totally so happy and relieved for them.

I spent Sunday morning hanging out with the boys at the local pool. It's just so brilliant hanging out with them. They're growing up right in front of my eyes! I even caught almost-11-yo SJ casting stray glances at some of the girls! rofl rofl!

Almost-9-yo Ix was giving the MOST gorgeous affectionate hugs and cuddles... my hug-o-meter totally fills to 100%+ whenever he does that! Just totally gives me the deepest satisfaction that words cannot possibly describe!

They were telling me... they had a close-call with a lightning strike on Thursday... about 100 meters from the house, they showed me the large gum tree that was literally split in two from the direct hit! Zikes! No damage done to the house or them, thankfully. One positive side-effect is now they'll have a good load of already-split firewood for next winter! heh heh

This last Sunday afternoon, I had a brilliant jam with the drummer and guitarist I've been mucking about with over the last few months. although it'd been like 6 weeks+ since we'd been together, it was like we hadn't been away! Things just fell together literally within seconds of the first song! Such a rewarding experience. I couldn't stop laughing, I felt so happy playing again.

Sunday-week saw the first Sailability event of this season. I could rave on for pages and pages about how GOOD this day was for me! It was THAT positive :)

Sure, we literally had four seasons in one day... overcast, rain, squalls, dead calm, blazing sunshine - all in a matter of six hours! heheh.

I'm not complaining, not one little bit. In all seriousness, being out on the water sailing in the rain is close to my idea of heaven-on-earth - and I was able to do it the whole time the rain fell on Sunday! Yay! At one stage, I was sitting in one of the boats tied to the pontoon, awaiting another client, in the pouring rain and I was laughing out loud, even as the water was dripping off the end of my nose! Hey, you're all dressed and waterproof against it, so being cold & wet wasn't an issue. It was simply... one of those heavenly moments that are just delicious to the soul!

At one point I had a mother and daughter out with me... the child was in a wheelchair, aged about 7-ish - and although the wind was rather gusty at that point, and the rain was falling steadily - she had an absolute ball! The huge authentic smile on her face the - whole - time was simply priceless! Again - one of those moments, seeing that amazing smile on her face - that makes it all totally worthwhile!!!!

Scotty, who is going to the Special Olympics in Beijing next year, managed to get out on his own for a while in one of the boats that have a specially-adapted motorized steering mechanism. He was having a great time, until the stronger winds got a bit the better of him - oh, and the flies [which he loathes]. We ended up helping him back to the pontoon, and he was so frustrated and disappointed - at one point tears were rolling down his cheeks. I couldn't look at him, as I would have totally lost it and burst into tears myself! I knew the feeling - just so frustrated, disappointed... but it's all out of your control as well, and there's nothing you can do about it. He was so upset... but he'll be back out on the water this weekend again, I'm sure of it.

The rest of last week seemed to be taken up in putting on the roller doors on the shed extensions! Twas the first time I'd seen quick-dry cement in action - for some of the door supports to be anchored into the ground for the roller doors. And... putting up the actual doors... what a %$#@! of a job... I could tell you the language that flew at one point, when I was trying to hld up one of those things at chin-height - and I fell off a ladder! "Expletives deleted" left-right-and center! hahahahaa. Not happy... but all was well in the end. We got them up and secured! "Only takes two people" the instructions said... crap! Gagh! Between Mr Hoon and myself, yeah sure we did it, but... it was a 'challenging' two days! Thankfully by the time the rain started falling on the Wednesday, we already had the door on the end of the shed up and secure, so at least we didn't have to get soaked fitting the other end door on. The things we do, sometimes!

Sometime or other, I should tell you about "Father FUxK" as well! rofl rofl

And finally... just to bring an extra smile to my face this week... yesterday my housemate told me he's got a few small gigs - as a male model! hahahahaa! He's doing something at the local RSL Club, for the ladies at a Melbourne Cup function tomorrow, then in a few week's doing something else at a fashion parade! He's like... whatever! I think it's hilarious - in a positive way!!!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. All very positive Mal!!!
    Keep putting smiles on people faces :)

  2. Keep playing with the boys man. Just jamming is how it should be. That way you get to know when to end something!!!