Tuesday, 6 November 2007


I've been tagged by 3D! The hardest part is that you can only give one answer for each of the questions. No ties, which sucks.

Bathurst, NSW Australia

Best place to eat. Annie's Ice Creamery... home-made Ice Cream to-DIE-for!

Best shopping mall. Stockland... the one Big W is in. We've got three, two of which are of a good size with a good variety mix. But downtown is filled with loads of specialised small businesses outside of the Malls.

Famous Landmark. Mount Panorama

Best tourism attraction. Mount Panorama Racing Circuit. So many people cannot believe it's a normal road for the rest of the year, complete with local residents!

Best place for kids. Bathurst Aquatic Centre

Popular outdoor activity. Bike Riding along the Macquarie River

Breathtaking view. View north from atop Mt Panorama.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Best Shopping Mall I've been to is South Park Mall in Strongsville, OH

  2. Bathhurst circuit eh? I'm a pretty dab hand at nipping around that one on my kids PS2 Touring Cars game. In fact it's pure joy to blat up that hill into a snaky series of ess's and up into that sweeping lefy... yeah I'd like to know more about that town...