Saturday, 3 November 2007

RIP Peter Andren

Independent MP Andren dies from cancer

Long serving federal independent MP Peter Andren has died after being diagnosed earlier this year with inoperable pancreatic cancer. He was 61.

"Peter Andren, Member for Calare, passed away this morning surrounded by family," his senior adviser Tim Mahony said in a statement.

"He is greatly loved and will be greatly missed.

"His passing is a huge loss for the people of Calare and for democracy in Australia."

Mr Andren decided to contest the 1996 election as an independent, campaigning for retention of government services in the bush, especially banking, health and telecommunications.

He fought the sale of Telstra every step of the way and made it one of his biggest political fights.

He was returned three times as the member for Calare and was outspoken on issues such as MPs' entitlements, asylum seekers, the war on Iraq, a better deal for rural electorates and his defence of public ownership of Telstra and other publicly owned infrastructure.

Mr Andren was planning to retire from the House of Representatives at this election and run for a spot in the Senate in a bid to take control of it off the government.

But he pulled out of that race after receiving the diagnosis.

Mr Andren is survived by his partner Val and sons Greg and Josh.

He was our local MP. he was a good bloke - a REALLY good bloke. One of the joys of him being an independent is that the two main political parties HATED him... he never stepped away from something dear to him and didn't hesitate to speak up. In the end the Electoral Commission totally ripped his electorate in half, in an attempt to get rid of him. Instead, he decided to run for the Senate. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer, and now he's gone.

It happened all so quickly :(

He also donated one of our Sailability boats as well, which was named after him.

He will be really really missed. He made voting in a Federal Election worthwhile. You knew voting for him would be a vote that would actually get things done and bring change.

Peter Andren - thank you.

Peas be with ewe

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