Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Photos Updated

Lots of new piccies... these are just the same as my updated Photo Galleries.

First of all - the Weather Forecasting Rock at Maccas, Lithgow! Who doesn't say we're right on the cutting edge of technological innovation out here, huh?
And, oh yeah, I've seen it in all the conditions described... thankfully except for the last two :)

I took this about two months ago, when I was feeling very dark, melancholic and depressed. hmmm, very interesting...

I looked awful, huh?!? o.O Not a "good day", that one...

These are the current boys pics, taken over September and October this year.

There's some goodies in there, for sure. (NB. Tis the same gallery as my previous post).

Here's two quickies I took of my brother visiting Lithgow, last Sunday.

He was down for literally a flying visit.

And even a few of my little sailing boat, from the end of last season. Out at Ben Chifley Dam, before the autumn set in.

And last but not least... some of the driving hazards driving here in the Aussie "bush"! Sheep and endless roads! The sheep were taken just near the boys place a few months ago [freshly shawn they were, and looked all skin and bone - ergh!]. The other pics were taken thru my windscreen driving across the Liverpool Plains, west of Tamworth... after I'd sold my Solo sailboat at Armidale back at the end of April.

And if you're wondering where I live (I'm a "townie", folks! heh heh), here tis:

Been living here over four years now, and I absolutely love it. So close to everything, and nice and quiet too.
Peas be with ewe

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