Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blog Action Day

Tillerman let me know that yesterday (thanks to the difference in time zones!) was Blog Action Day, a day for bloggers around the web to unite in writing about a single important issue - the environment.

From my viewpoint, Global Warming is definitely affecting things around my region, as we're in our sixth (some say seventh) year of drought. I've never seen the dam I sail on at full capacity - and only then thru old photos. Lately it's sitting at just 13%, up from a low of 8% - and it's starting to fall again.

Just last Friday I was out there, and I got so excited when a large rainstorm came thru I stood in the downpour just to take some photos. I hadn't seen rain falling at Carcoar Dam since about 18 months ago! Not good, is it?

One of the local farmers was saying that come February (end of summer), if we don't get any follow-up rain to grow some feed for his stock, he honestly doesn't know what he's going to do... it's not good.

Hey, I grew up in the big smoke, the big bad city. Water simply meant turning on a tap. I never thought about it. Twasn't until I moved out west of the "Sandstone Curtain" (The Blue Mountains) that I began to realise what a precious commodity water is. And Australia being one of the driest continents on earth as it is... sheesh. Silly people.

Even sailing-wise... growing up sailing Sydney Harbour, water level never entered my mind.

Thankfully the local Council spent a lot of capital a few years ago to raise the dam wall for the local water supply dam. It's about 85% full at the moment... the lowest it got to last dry season was about 50%, which is awesome! Another nearby dam, that is supposedly 4-times the size of Sydney Harbour (when it's full it's staggeringly huge!) was sitting at a shockingly-low 2%.

Something bad is certainly happening world-wide climate-wise, and it's certainly having a drastic effect right here in my own backyard.

On another thought, I've uploaded current pics of my boys, taken over the last few months. Enjoy. They are growing up right in front of my eyes. JD turned 14 in August, SJ turns 11 next month, and Ix turn 9 next month also! Aint they handsome? But of course, I'm totally biased!

Hey, I know I enjoy sailing my Laser, but some people have just gotta go to EXTREMES! This photo, taken during winter 2007 at Cabarete, Dominican Rep., is just damn scary! o.O

I know some people just get off on hard-core racing - and that's fine. But I know I'm just at my happiest pottering about on the water - and for me, that's what's important.
Peas be with ewe

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