Friday, 14 September 2007

(*) Yay for Fridays

You gotta love Fridays? The people next door are having a fun 25th birthday party for one of their friends, right in the middle of the day! It's not a negative. in fact, I think it's really quite funny sitting back and being able to hear them get more and more drunked as the day wears on! heh heh

Postscript... now their in the front room - singing Kareoke! Heaven help us all! hahahahaa. Sounds ridiculously funny tho.

Well, aint it always the way? Sunday is the first sail for the season, and Sunday is the only day this week the boys are available for us to hang out together! I could take them with me out to the sailing, but they aint free until the arvo. So at this stage I plan to have a quick sail in the morning [weather permitting], and then they want to go and catch a film at the local cinema, "Surf's Up". Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing them again - as always. Hope nothing goes wrong out on the water to delay me tho. Luckily we're all in mobile phone contact these days, in case I'm running a bit late or something.

Looking thru those photos I posted the other day, it's amazing to see how much my eldest son is really looking a lot like me in so many ways... and how the 10-yo boy is looking a lot like his elder brother at that age! heh heh. Seriously, I wonder if it sometimes bugs their mum [my ex], because looking at them, well, it surely must remind her of me to look at. Poor M.

I don't even want to start at how being a divorced dad who has, in essence, been 'replaced' in their lives, affects me. Nuh uh. Let's not even begin to go there... but as I've always said [and still believe to the depth of my soul 100%], they are in the best possible situation they could be in, so, so long as they are safe, happy and healthy, in a positive loving family atmosphere, there's not a lot for me to be concerned about. The boys are good, and that's all that matters. Bottom line. Kewl!

Yesterday was my once-a-week day volunteering at the local Meals on Wheels. It's always a lot of fun - they're generally a good happy upbeat crowd to spend the day with. Mind you, packing and plating away about 200+ Chicken and Bacon Bearnaise meals would send anyone slightly stark raving potty! heh heh. But yeah, it's a nice place to hang out at for a few hours a week.
Yay! One of my favourite blogs is back online again, after a brief hiatus! Yay to Beelzebublog!
Crazy weather here at the moment... a huge thunderstorm came thru this morning! We never get big storms coming thru like that at that time of day! Luckily it didn't last long, but sure did sound pretty awesome. And now it's later in the day, it looks as there's some more nastie stuff on the way. Oh wow! Maybe Spring has arrived with a vengeance? We had an absolutely gloriously warm and sunny day here on Wednesday. You'd never know we were just a few days out of sub-zero winters temps just a few weeks ago.

I used to use a lot of "Memes" in my blogging in the past. But I came to realise that they were just a crutch for me to use as an excuse to post any old thing. I'd rather post something of my own, rather than just fill my blog with empty one-line responses to what could possibly be novel-length replies! I'm not knocking Meme's or the use of them, not at all. I know they're still very popular around the place. As it is, for me, I think they've outlived their usefulness for this place. I might post one now and again, but I just find... they were just filling up space without actually saying much about me. Oh well. That's fine.

Selection for today...
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

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  1. mal,
    no one can 'replace' you, remember that. You are and always be their DAD. I wish for fair weather for your sail.