Saturday, 15 September 2007

(*) Election? Hellooooooo?

What's the story, Jackboot Johnny? Are you going to call this election, or what? Are you just too bloody terrified to call it, because you already KNOW, to the depth of your bones, that the result is a foregone conclusion? You guys are gone. I doubt you'll even get re-elected in your own electorate!

I can just imagine that somewhere in the mix, Johnny is gonna pull out the red herring "Australian Values" card in their election campaign. How hypercritical! The Govt seems to change their mind on established their own 'values' when it comes to creating and implementing policies... on one hand they love to point out how great our Immigration Policies are working, yet on the other they send immigrants to a virtual concentration camp in the middle of the desert! Hellooooooo! There's definitely something seriously wrong with Phillip Ruddock's Dept. And should we mention the whole Tampa/Nauru and 'Children Overboard' fluff? Any other government in any other era would have been removed because of stuff-ups like that!

And don't get me started on the whole APEC fiasco... talk about major brown-nosing to George W!!! Gagh! [gets down off his soapbox, dusts himself down, and starts to breathe again].

Me? Cynical? NEVER! And here I was, always assuming I'd always vote Liberal forever! Nuh uh!

Thanks to the Govt changing our electoral boundaries, our local federal member is now no longer our local member! Rather than run for a split seat, Peter Andren had decided to run for the Senate instead... the major parties despised him because of his independent voice. As it is, the poor bugger has been diagnosed with cancer and has had to retire anyways. It's such a shame. He was the only reason why a lot of people in this electorate would bother to vote, i fear. As it is, ow our local member lives in a town 100kms away in the Blue Mountains! It's a bloody joke! An absolute farce! He knows absolutely nothing about our local regions' needs/concerns, because he's spent the last [x] years building up his constituency in the greater western Sydney region. Yeah, bugger us out here in the Central West. We don't count for anything!Gagh!

(OK OK, that's pretty bad! Sorry 'bout that!!!)

Hey, I'm not hyper-intelligent political animal. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just an average-vanilla-joe voter, who's spent the last 25 years as a voter watching things slowly go to pot in our country, as we desperately hang onto the disintegrating coat-tails of our 'Big Brother' USA...

[waits for ASIO to kick down his door and drag him away! hahahaaa]
OKOKOK... here's a change of pace to bring a smile to your face...

An Albanian fishmonger set fire to his van in a burst of anger after the national soccer team lost to the visiting Dutch side, and firefighters failed to extinguish the blaze because someone had stolen their water.

Vilson Alushi had vowed to burn his fish-delivery van if Albania failed to win a point against the Netherlands on Wednesday. Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy put paid to his hopes with a goal in injury time to end the game 1-0.

Alushi duly doused his car with petrol in the centre of the southern town of Delvine and watched indifferently as his friends alerted the firefighters, newspapers reported.

They arrived promptly on the scene and unreeled the hose, only to find it was dry. It seems that residents living near the fire station had drained the tank to help them cope with Albania's chronic water shortage.

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