Monday, 20 August 2007

(*) There's bound to be a better way?

As I said, I'm still exploring the way to successfully burn DVD's. Back-up copies of films I already own, of course! Of course! There seems to be three specific steps at this stage. There might be an easier way, and I'll ask the drummer I've been working with to see if his way of doing it is a lot more simple than the way I've discovered by trial-and-error! At least I've figured out how to shrink the files down... the first film I copied wouldn't fit onto a normal DVD! Like I said, tis all trial and error. I've yet to burn an actual DVD yet, but I know how to actually do that, at least! heh heh. Tis giving me something to do for this evening, all the same.

Speaking of making music CDs, last night I downloaded [oh shush!] a copy of an old album by an old pop folkie, Nick Drake. His first album, 1969's "Five Leaves Left" is wonderful! I fell in love with this guy's voice after finally hearing and getting myself a copy of his starkly haunting "Pink Moon" album from 1972. The guy obviously had an amazing talent, but some mental health issues, as it seems he topped himself not long afterwards. What a sad waste of talent!
Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left

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