Monday, 20 August 2007

(*) Proud Papa

Thankfully, JD's 'lady-friend' lives in the same area, so it's only the cost of a local call, not like long distance rates! He lives 30kms/18 miles from town, and she lives in town, hence the phone calls, rather than candlestine night-time visits [giggles]! So, thankfully, the phone bill won't be astronomical! I spent a few hours with the boys yesterday [Sunday], and JD told me he only had 17-cents worth of credit left on his mobile phone! heh heh. But I'm sure his mum will ensure he chips-in towards the next household phone bill, for sure! heh heh

I have a memory of a certain phone bill being read-out at my own Wedding Reception, amounting to $730... [coughs]! hahahaa!

Yesterday the boys and I went to the Motor Racing Museum here in town, at the foot of "The Mount". They love anything to do with cars, especially GMH-Holdens... and they're everywhere in that place. The younger two, SJ and Ix spent the whole day niggling at each other.. the joys of siblings, I guess. They're just going thru a phases where they know what buttons to push of the other to wind them up! heh heh JD and I giggled at being the 'grown-ups' and keeping them apart! They weren't fighting as such, just lots of niggling little comments and pokes and that kinda thing. Ix, at one stage [out of sheer frustration, but they were BOTH doing it!], gave JD a massive kick to the shin! It looked hilarious! It would have hurt, but JD being the big strong masculine 14-yo bloke, didn't wince. But a salesgirl who saw it almost burst out loud laughing - it really did look hilarious! "The joys of brothers!" hahaa.

We actually had a really positive day together. We usually always do. The light constant rainfall was a mixed blessing... it meant the farmers had some water for their winter crops, but the boys' step-dad couldn't sew their crops in wet soil! Plus we couldn't get out and about and blow off some steam in some parks or down by the river etc. Mixed blessings!

Fingers crossed, I'll get around to editing and uploading some new photos either tonight or tomorrow :)

I've mastered the whole copying and burning of music CD's for quite a while now... even turning my old vinyl albums into CDs, even old music videos into CDs as well. Now I'm trying to figure out how to burn DVDs! One step at a time ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice day.

    Nice seeing you over at my bloggie...

  2. Love to hear about your days with your just spills love all over.