Tuesday, 21 August 2007

(*) D'oh!

Well, my first attempt to copy and burn a DVD was a failure! I know I must be doing something painfully obviously wrong somewhere, but I don't know what it is. Not to worry. Tis all trial-and-error! I'll try again tonight with a variation of what I did last night... if that fails, I'll drop that drummer an email and just ask him what he does! heh heh

I managed to shrink-copy the files from the dvd, then they actually got burned onto a DVD, but the dvd player can't read it. It's a new DVD player too, which can read practically anything you throw at it, but alas it told me there was nothing on that disk! With a bit of fiddling I can play the files on the disk on my laptop, but they don't play automatically. Yeah, I must be missing some small simple step there somewhere. Try and try again :)

Hey! I mean, if someone like me can copy and burn music CD's, and even make a real webpage from scratch - I should be able to get my head around this, huh? [giggles] I'm still feeling rather upbeat about it all, which is wonderful for me. Normally when something supposedly simple like this doesn't work the way I think it should [...], there may be times when I throw a bit of a tantie, but not this time!

My second attempt also failed! Thankfully my attitude is "Oh well, that's no big disaster!", rather than sulking or getting down about it or anything negative like that, which sometimes I can so easily do (as brainless and unreasonable as I know it is, but it still happens... just part of the depressed-side of my psyche). Anyways, I have most of the DVD's I really want to own anyway. I'd only be burning back-up copies of my own ones anyways. I'll still ask the drummer what he does/uses, and see if he's got any advice for a totaly DVD-creating noob! heh heh
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Strange days... although the wind has been howling from the west for the past 2 days or so (and quite the opposite direction from the sea), I couldn't help but smile to see two seagulls floating around the middle of town this arvo. The only problem is, I live about 200kms / 130 miles from the nearest ocean! Wow, those guys were sure lost!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention... after being online since 1997[ish], I am finally on a broadband connection - at last! Yay!

And now for something completely different!

(Thanks to Weevil for the pic)

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  1. everything on a computer is trial and error...i've never burned anything, so that will be really something to see if i ever get the nerve to try.
    And i never fear asking someone that knows how to do it to show me.