Friday, 24 August 2007

(*) Success!!!

Success at last! Yes, I finally to successfully burn my very first DVD this evening. You know what the problem was? Last time I used a "DVD+R" disk, instead of a "DVD-R"!! That's all it was! Crazy, huh? [giggles]. Now I've done it, I can't believe how easy it is! I feel like such a clod for not doing this years ago!!! DVD land, here I come! All legally, of course!

And here is my entire DVD collection online... until I actually sat down and did this little project about a month-or-so ago, I had no idea I owned 105 DVD movies! Good golly! (Click on this button)

I still haven't posted those photos yet, have I...?!?

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  1. congratulations! Now i have someone i can ask to help

  2. I must say, Gosford City Council has contributed nicely to my own DVD collection!!! ;-)

    There's one or two items in your DVD collection I wish I had! Especially Carnivale 2nd Season and the Director's Cut of Das Boot! (I only have that on video.)

    Ah yes, Blazing Saddles, Erik the Viking, Jabberwocky...